Aug 22 2008

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Is Obama another Democratic Woosie?



The Obama campaign is made up of a group of serious woosies. The McCain campaign realizes this and is taking full advantage of the Democratic Candidate Woose Syndrome. It has become another overwhelming embarrassment to the Democrats, however 90 % of Democrats are complete woosies, so few if any are complaining.

There is so much to attack McCain with , but Obama is dragging his flat feet . He thinks a big smile and a speech about changing things is going to win the election for him. If he doesn’t fight back with real attacks against McCain he will be stepped on and squashed like a bug, by the GOP machine, just as John Kerry was in 2004 and Dukakis in 1988. These were the greatest of all Democratic Woosies. The most weak kneed , pathetic presidential candidates of all time. It appears that Obama is about to fall into the same hole as the others did. Playing nice with black hearted bastards like McCain will only make Obama look like a fool and a coward. Out right forceful attacks on McCain’s real pathetic character, his incompetence, his insane Bush cloned policies, and his real war record of collaboration with the enemy, his father’s authorizing the Israelis attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 killing all the crew members, for a false flag operation. McCain physically struck a mother of a POW who approached him in the Senate hallway. McCain swore at POW families during public hearings. Republican members of the Senate have stated publicly that McCain has the foulest mouth in the Senate.

There are countless video and audio records to prove McCain’s unfitness as a Presidential Candidate, but Obama’s incompetent, wimpy, campaign managers and Obama himself are too cowardly or too cautious to use them. If Barack Obama wants to win in November he must attack McCain on all fronts. He must be 10 times as aggressive as the McCain campaign. They must show the American people that Obama is a real fighter , a trench fighter, just as Hillary is . He can not afford to keep his hands clean, while McCain rubs his face in the dirt. Obama must come back fighting with every insult and accusation he can possibly use. Call McCain a traitor, call him a wife beater, call him a philanderer, call him an idiot, call him a moron, call him an Alzheimer’s patient, use the thousands of video tapes and press releases of McCain against him. What the hell is Obama waiting for ?

If Barack Obama loses in November, it will be for two reasons. One is that the voting machines are rigged by the GOP and second is that Barack Obama is seen by the American people as an incompetent wimp. Americans hate wimps. We want strong leaders who are willing to destroy their opposition, and forge ahead. No one despises G.W. Bush or his incompetent leadership more than I do, but as much as I despise him I can not accuse G.W. Bush of being a complete Woose, in fact he has been the most aggressive, hard ball playing , down and dirty politician this country has ever witnessed. It’s time Obama stops cowering behind his managers and steps into the ring , ready to knock out McCain with everything he has. George W. Bush is incompetent, and corrupt , but no one can honestly say that he is a Woose. Unfortunately for the Democratic Party and the American people the Democratic Party has become the Party of Woosies and Obama is beginning to look like their next Woose , loser, presidential candidate.


L.A.  Steel

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