Aug 26 2008

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The Democrat’s Top Ten Mistakes That Could Lead to A Republican Victory


Mistake # 1 : Nominating Barack Obama
Mistake # 2: Obama picking Joe Biden as VP choice.
Mistake # 3: Obama taking foreign policy advice from Z. Brezinski.
Mistake # 4 : Not impeaching G.W. Bush.
Mistake # 5. Selecting Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.
Mistake # 6: Allowing the continued funding of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
Mistake # 7: Allowing John McCain to use Hillary’s primary ads. ( Isn’t there a copyright issue here? Is Hillary receiving royalties from the McCain campaign to help pay off her 30 million dollar campaign debt, or did one of the networks sell McCain the rights to use and edit their footage of the Democratic Primary Debates?)
Mistake # 8: Depending on stategists and managers who lost the last two presidential elections to G.W. Bush the worst President in U.S history.
Mistake # 9 : Pretending to have solutions to repair the U.S. from eight years of G.W. Bush and Republican policies, convinced that a toothy smile and saying the word “Change” was all they needed to sway the American public to vote for a Democratic President.
Mistake # 10: Allowing Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden to pronounce their personal friendships and great respect for John McCain. ( Isn’t there a serious conflict of interest here , and what does this say about the characters of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, if they can publicly state they “highly respect and admirer” a certifiable lunatic like John McCain, who is using their own public statements to attack Barack Obama’s fitness to be President?)

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