Aug 28 2008

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The Abomination of Barack’s Temple



Any true Liberal with an ounce of self respect has got to be disgusted at the audacity of the Obama campaign and the stupidity of the Democratic Party for erecting this temple of idiotic arrogance. A temple for the Democratic dribble that is to pour forth from the mouth of the Democrat’s new god. If this is what they have in mind for the speech tonight, they must not forget to place on stage next to the podium, statue fountains of pissing Greek gods and squating goddesses.

The absurdity and absolute insanity of Obama’s handlers is beyond “Audacity” it is complete farce, a Greek comedy and an absolute abomination to God and Man. As much as I can not stand John McCain or Republicanism, after this ridiculous Democratic attempt to glorify Barack Obama, John McCain and the Republican Party look sane. Hillary and Bill Clinton have got to be laughing hysterically at this mock coronation, eagerly looking forward to 2012 , for Hillary to run against John McCain as the incumbant President.

I haven’t given up hope that the American people will eventually clean up the mess our country is in regardless of which tweedle dee or dum becomes president. I am certain that the true God is laughing hysterically at the arrogance and vanity of Barack Obama, and the blind stupidity of the Democratic Party. As a life long Independent and Liberal, I am embarassed for my nation, and for all who have fought to defend the dignity of Liberalism against the Neo Cons and their army of Republican robots, these last eight years. This sickening display of arrogance by Barack Obama and the Democratic Party will only make our struggle against the rulers of Neo Con Republicanism more difficult. I am certain that the millions of intelligent and noble warriors of Liberalism are ashamed of this Obamanation and will turn away from Barack Obama , and the Democratic blasphamy about to be unveiled on the final night of the Democratic Convention.

All who love Truth and believe in the dignity and brilliant future of their country see the deception of the Democratic display of Political Audacity. We must turn away from and war against all faux liberals. They are the greatest enemy of Liberalism. They are easy to identify as they parade proudly through the streets as fools and cult followers of their false idol. True Liberals see through the hypocrisy of the Democrats and are disgusted by their mockery of the ultimate sacrifices for Liberalism made by John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. We are disgusted as we witness the followers of Obama worship their idol and defile the message and ultimate sacrifice of a true American prophet Martin Luther King Jr. These Faux liberals by erecting their Temple of Barack, also mock the honored memories and sacrifices of the millions of Americans, who have fought and died defending the Liberal Ideal of Liberty.



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  1. Antonio

    Omega,I assure you the ifronmation I’ve given you on Obama is correct. There is a lot of misinformation out there that might lead one to believe that he supports the 2nd.For example-A group called the American Sportsmen and Hunters Association say Obama is for the 2nd. This group is a known front group associated with the Brady foundation. You’ve probably even heard their radio commercial.You should be very wary of anyone that proposes or supports any type of registration or licensing. It’s a slippery slope and many many groups of people throughout history have learned that lesson the hard, tragic way. You as a history teacher know that well, many groups of people have suffered when the means to defend themselves was restricted or taken away. A prime example is the Jewish people living in Germany just prior to and during WWII.As to only police officers having guns that in itself would be incredibly dangerous. While there are many great cops in the world and I know a lot of them, there are also some very corrupt cops (a statement on human nature, not law enforcement). You don’t have to travel to many third world countries to see good examples of state police terrorizing unarmed citizens. Even a total ban and confiscation of firearms world wide would only result in the following:The use of other weapons to defend life and property or in the criminal’s case to commit crimes. I’m thinking here of weapons like knives, machetes, BOWS (such as the one you own Omega), spears, clubs, etc. etc.The eventual resurgence of firearms as people began to make them in efforts to hold superior firepower over weapons like bows, crossbows, etc.The fact of the matter is that when it all boils down and no matter how cliche it may sound, an armed society is a polite society.The way to keep stupid people from using guns to commit crime is to let them know that we’ve gotten smart and armed ourselves and are willing to defend ourselves, our wives and children, and our homes.One more thought-On the subject of children and firearms.True story, when I was about 7 one of my best buddies from Sunday School was killed by his older brother. It was an accident and I’ll never forget the morning I found out about it. As a 7yr old that had already been taught to handle (only with dad around) and respect firearms, To this day I can not fathom that a father would not teach his children what I had been taught. I could tell you where every rifle, shotgun, and pistol was in our home but I wouldn’t dare touch one of them because I knew the consequences. I carried that mindset everywhere I went. If I were at a friends and they wanted to show me their dad’s gun I knew what the consequences could be. I’m not talking about the belt, even though I was scared of it. I was worried about another buddy, or me, dying.Many parents think that if they don’t have guns in there home their child will be okay. Even if you don’t want firearms in your home please take your child somewhere and let them learn safety practices and experience shooting a firearm- show them that guns are real and not the toys they see in cartoons and video games. If you prepare them they’ll handle the situation well.

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