Aug 29 2008

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The First Bi Annual L.A. Steel Dog Day Celebration Political Fundraiser



You are welcomed to join my dog owning friends and I, at the First  Bi Annual L.A. Steel Dog Day Celebration. I wanted another opportunity to have a party without inviting relatives. I’ve been envisioning a Dog Day party for many years. I see it as a great political fund raiser and a chance for my dog and I to make new friends. This event will give thousands of people an opportunity to meet the people who want to represent them in high levels of government. These people believe they have the vision to lead and represent a national constituency while serving their own as members of an executive body of 535 elected citizens, and one chief executive. We welcome all new and incumbent local, state and federal candidates running for elected office.

Dog Day would be the venue for political fund raising opened to all parties and independent candidates running for elected office.

Dog Day will be celebrated every two years beginning in 2008 in November on the Saturday before the National Elections . This year’s event will be on November 1, 2008. It will be televised, and portions broadcast live on radio as we interview politicians and their dogs. You can always tell who a person is , by their dog. For anyone who does not own a dog , I will involve a few local pet shelters, to provide dogs for the day and for adoption.. All dogs must be on leashes. If your dog does not get along well with other dogs, please do not attend.

Welcome All, to THE FIRST BI ANNUAL DOG DAY CELEBRATION. Please contact L.A. Steel at lasteeltv@yahoo.com if you would like to attend this event. Date: 11/01/2008. Time: 10:00am to 7:00pm E.S.T , come as you are and bring your dog. Place of event to be announced on this site and on WQQQ 103.3fm . The proposed location will be somewhere in NW Connecticut.. Please contact me at lasteeltv@yahoo.com if you are interested or if you are a politician from any party or running as an Independent and would like to make a speech or be interviewed on live radio. Also any contributions for this event can be sent to Steel Wood Media P.O Box 127 Salisbury,Ct. 06068.. Portion of event contributions will be donated to the Animal Shelters represented at the event.

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