Sep 02 2008

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The Future of John McCain and Sarah Palin



Before I nodded off watching John McCain’s acceptance speech at the Convention I was able to watch his mini movie about what a wonderful man John McCain is and what a devoted servant to the American people he is.

I tried to keep an objective opinion while watching Cindy McCain’s mini movie bio, that showed her as the world’s greatest humanitarian and Mother Teresa follower adopting a Calcutta orphan. Then she came on the stage with an extreme makeover. She looked like a cross between a Dale Earnhardt groupie and Tammy Wynette. She spoke about family values and how she adores “her man” John McCain, and what a “wonderful guy ” he is.

Sarah Palin appeared several times as she sat on the side lines with her entire family casually listening to Cindy McCain’s speech. Sarah looked exactly like she did on the night of her convention speech. Her hair was up in a weird secretary’s hairdo, and her glasses were too big for her face. The cameras caught a few moments of her holding her new born and speaking to her children. It was probably the first time the family had been together since she became McCain’s VP choice.

There could have been 40 million people watching John McCain’s convention speech, however how could the networks really tell how many people were really watching; especially on the east coast where the speech aired at 10:30pm? I have to admit honestly , that I fell asleep within 5 minutes listening to McCain’s bullshit. My mind couldn’t stand watching anymore of John McCain or the Republican Rocky Mountain Hypocrisy Show. It was a bad made for television B movie that demanded it’s viewers change the station or fall asleep from boredom.

John McCain’s career is evidence that he is a perfect servant, not to the people who elected him but to the corporate donors and lobbyists who have prompted him up for 25 years, and to the Republican Party, and G.W. Bush. Anyone who supported G.W. Bush with 91% of his senate votes and enthusiastically campaigned in 2004 for Bush is a Bush Butt Kisser. Why would anyone in this country consider McCain a viable candidate for President, knowing that he supported and still supports G.W. Bush, the most despised President in U.S. History ? He is not only despised by Americans but by every country in the world ?

This Dilbert of a political and military career of John McCain is absolute evidence of his unfitness to be President and speaks volumes about his service to the people of the U.S. He is a Republican puppet, with Joe Lieberman and G.W Bush as the ventriloquists. The McCain campaign quickly ignores any questions about Joe Lieberman as McCain’s first VP choice, and defends Sarah Palin from all questions and attacks by the media by screaming Sexism. Once again the Republican Party fails to inspire and continues to conspire against the American people.

Sarah Palin may jingle her rhetorical bells on stage and wake up a few GOP geezers, but her effect on the Presidential election will have an overall negative effect on the McCain candidacy. There are two months left in the presidential election process, which is an eternity for the candidates and the American people. Anything can still be revealed about all the Presidential and VP candidates that could end their careers. Americans only have to remember what the Republicans did to John Kerry, Al Gore and Bill and Hillary Clinton. The election process has just begun. We have yet to see the Obama , McCain, and Biden , Palin debates, another thousand political ads on television, another 100 million dollars raised by both parties, and nothing but political coverage and commentary on the networks for the next two months. It is a sickening process to be tolerated by the American public, as both candidates and the media try to shove John McCain and Barak Obama, and their running mates, down our throats as the most qualified candidates for President; trying to convince us all of the candidates’ devoted , selfless, service to the American people.

Sarah Palin is a Pentecostal fundamentalist. This means that she often falls down in the spirit and talks in tongues. She believes God talks through her. She believes what she believes with out question. She believes that God speaks to her and to all fundamentalist Republicans and guides her every decision. John McCain is an agnostic liar who only believes in John McCain. He mentions God only as a curse word or when it is politically expedient to say he believes in anything but himself. G.W. Bush believes God speaks to him. G.W. Bush believes God speaks to him through Dick Cheney.

Sarah Palin is a misappointed candidate for VP, who does little but raise fear in the American people. The thought of her being a heartbeat away from the Presidency of John McCain , the oldest candidate in U.S history is a horror. The thought of John McCain becoming President is horrible enough. The Republican Party knew it would fail in November unless they chose someone who would change the game. They chose the most unlikely candidate they could find when they chose Sarah Palin. The Republican power brokers obviously felt confident that McCain was healthy enough to live out at least one 4 year term. I am confident that after November Sarah Palin will be remembered as the strange women who wore glasses that covered her face, believed in pro life and teenage abstinence, had 5 children, one pregnant seventeen year old and one mongoloid new born. She will also be remembered and sought after by collectors of political memorabilia for the Sarah Palin Action Figure, wearing a mini skirt and holding a rifle. John McCain’s career will end in 2008. Few will remember his name by 2009, unless Bob Dole gets him a job doing national commercials for credit card companies, and as a spokesman for drug companies selling male enhancement drugs. It is easy to visualize John McCain loading a rifle between his legs, as he speaks about erectile dysfunction and the wonders of Viagra, as he and Cindy McCain lay naked in separate tubs smiling, watching the sunset together.


L.A. Steel

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