Sep 02 2008

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As I watched several of the less nauseating segments of the Democratic Convention, I was impressed by the overwhelming sense of delirium that seemed to prevail over the entire audience in the auditorium. Their silly hats, the glazed looked in everyone’s eyes, the emotional mayhem that preceded and followed Ted Kennedy’s speech, and the odd discomfort that seemed to exude from the audience during Michelle Obama’s speech created an odd event; though not too different from most Democratic conventions I have seen over the past many years.


The tribute to Jimmy Carter was interesting , since Jimmy is considered one of the worst Democratic Presidents that ever held office. The lack of any Clinton references was obvious, as well as the lack of other successful Democratic Presidents, such as Roosevelt, Truman, or Kennedy. It appeared as if the Democratic legacies of the greater presidents were irrelevant to the convention organizers. It was more important for Michelle Obama to give a lack luster speech about the wonders of her husband, and Nancy Pelosi to smile her hypocritical smile and show off her newly whitened teeth . I had to change the channel in disgust as Narcissistic Nancy praised the false unity of the Democratic Party and the insipid track record of recent Democratic legislative achievements led by her own leadership; that have ballooned the national deficit to 500 billion dollars. Amazingly she neglected to say that many of the bills passed under this “new’ congress were initiated by the Bush Whitehouse.


The silence of anti war rhetoric in the opening day of the convention was deafening. As protestors outside the convention were completely ignored by the Democrats they were also ignored by the media. The blatant hypocrisy displayed by all attending the opening day of the convention was beyond anything I can remember in Democratic political convention history. It was a sweeping display of brainwashed Obamamanics, and Kennedy Kissers. I was pleased by the obvious absence of Al Gore and John Kerry . Their absence from the televised, hypocritical hullabaloo was a deletion of Democratic presidential failures, hidden behind a freshly painted black faced façade of liberalism. The brain tumored “Lion of Liberalism” made his trademark growl, as he heralded the “new beginning” for his pride of old political hacks and whores. It was a real stretch of the delirious Democratic imagination to visualize significant “change” or a “new beginning with Joe Biden as Obama’s VP choice; though understandable since the auditorium was filled to capacity with Baby Boomers having LSD and post traumatic stress flashbacks of the 1968 Democratic Convention. Three quarters of the delegates in attendance at the 2008 convention are evangelical, middleclass, antidepressant addicted, AA member, Kennedy loving liberals; who would not want a black family moving next door to them in their upscale, all white  gated retirement communities.
The remaining quarter of the delegates in attendance at the convention are self proclaimed “Progressives” who haven’t a clue what they are doing there, other than to laugh at the other delusional Democrats . Progressives can be identified as the time warped sixties looking people standing outside the auditorium in small cliques passing around organic vegetables and hash brownies, in biodegradable , recycled, brown paper bags, printed with convention catch phrases of “Bush Sucks!”, “Change” and “Yes We Can.”


America has another four days of Democratic Delirium to look forward to , until the Republican Delirium takes hold of the national media and dashes all Democratic hopes of a surge in the national polls. McCain will demoralize Democrats with the words of their own leaders Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton stated against Obama. This will catapult McCain’s campaign to new heights of political absurdity, with Ronald Reagan tributes and mentions of John McCain’s own dementia driven plan for the future of America , then in the last part of the first day McCain will announce Joe Lieberman as his running mate. At the precise moment of the announcement, the convention walls will begin to shake and the ceiling will fall in killing all Republicans in attendance, because God will have had enough of American politics and end the world.



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