Jan 07 2009

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Obama’s Trillion Dollar Deficits Signal an American Free For All


I am not complaining about the trillion dollar deficits proposed by Barack Obama as his budgetary projections for the next four years. It shouldn’t surprise anyone. All of his cabinet picks and especially his economic advisers and Sec. of Treasury are all globalists and insane Federal Reservists and Democratic spendthrifts. No one can outspend the Federal Reservists, they create their own money out of thin air. Who will owe this money ? Well supposedly the American Tax Payer but that won’t happen. The American Taxpayer is getting a tax cut and a 500 to 1000 dollar economic stimulus check in the mail, all from our U.S Capitol One cards.. We can even personalize our own cards just like the commercials tell us to do. Isn’t it wonderful? I want my card to have a picture of me as a revolutionary, American Patriot holding an American flag with my left hand and outstretching my right hand middle finger to the Federal Reserve.. That is my new U.S Capital One Card. Sure I’ll take the money . Why not I don’t have to pay it back ? It’s an Obama Grant . I love Barack Obama , what a hell of a guy. He knows the country can never pay back what it already owes, and yet he will borrow many more trillions of dollars of Federal Reserve funny money to help out the busted economy, that was busted by the Federal Reserve to begin with.

Americans don’t have to worry anymore about going into debt, after all it is the American way and every country in the world expects it of us and in fact they are demanding that Americans spend more money to help their own economies from going belly up. China has another 1 billion people who want to make it into the Chinese middle class . Europe is entirely dependent on American trade to keep their industries alive. The poor and desperate third world countries are suffering genocide by their own governments to keep the population reduced to affordable levels. Without America’s shrinking financial aid to these war torn and starving nations, they have no hope at all.

So spend on America, let the good times roll again because our fearless leader Barack Obama has just declared his edict, that it is OK to spend more money than we make. It is OK to get ourselves hopelessly in debt, because we will never have to pay it back. Once we are eventually thousands of trillions of dollars in debt, the U.S government will repeal the Federal Reserve Act and begin printing our own money again and walk away from the Central Banks all together and shoving our entire national debt up their asses. Then we will chase all bankers into hell, or imprison them all for treason and corruption. It is really just as simple as that.So have a wonderful time, go out and spend borrowed money like there is no tomorrow and enjoy yourselves. This is America where everyone has the right to be rich on borrowed money.


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