Jan 09 2014

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The Curse

Religions thrive on their dogmatic promotions of protecting their followers from evil and ridding curses and demons and warding off evil spells. They mass produce amulets such as crosses and medallions for profit. These amulets supposedly carry great power if they are given by a “holy man” or dipped in holy water. A curse is a means of psychic retribution and vengeance but it is also used as protection against evil. I believe in curses because I understand the cause of them and the effects. I have seen them used and how they are created. Sham men and witches, holy men and prophets have created curses and spells throughout the world since time in memorial. These people have psychic and spiritual powers and abilities to enter into other dimensions, speak with spirits, and foresee the future. What makes a curse most effective is if it is created to ward off people,that would steal. murder or deceive.

Family curses are a common threat but there are generational physical or mental impairments in all families. A family can have a generational debilitating disease, suffer generational poverty, or a mental illness and not be under the power of a curse. A curse is Karma, brought upon a family or individual by their own deliberate actions of ignorance, envy, hatred, jealousy, or greed, that causes someone to steal from, harass, physically hurt, hate or even murder. A curse is not effective against innocent or righteous people it is retribution and a defense against the worst people and their intentions. Accidental death and sudden misfortune are not necessarily signs of curses. A physical life is a fragile gift by The Creator, and chosen by all who reincarnate to fulfill their individual destinies. Our physical life can be destroyed in infancy or extended in health for over a century. Everyone has good and bad things happen to them. But those that bring upon them the curse of Karma do so by their own actions and embrace of evil. The emptiness and misery of someone’s life and darkness of their soul is not necessarily the cause of someone’s curse put on them. They are generally caused by their own inner darkness and emptiness, and are experiencing their Karma, a curse placed upon them by themselves.

Family heirlooms are often symbols of birthrights or family power, and are often protected by family patriarchs with curses to ward off attempts by deceitful family members or someone outside the family, who would steal from a rightful heir their birthright and inheritance. Placing a protective curse on an heirloom was a common practice for thousands of years and is still used today. Biblical curses were asked for by injured people and granted by God to protect and defend the innocent and his righteous believers from their enemies. Christian clergy claims they can remove curses, however this is not true. The Creator is not Christian, he is the Creator of all. A man or woman can proclaim themselves Christians, but can still hold evil and contempt and jealousy in their hearts. These are the hypocrites that are so despised by the Creator and by all of his faithful believers who understand his laws. Catholic and Protestant Churches have e massed massive power and fortunes by extorting their followers with threats of death, eternal damnation and suffering. Even the clergy of these religions believe they must buy prayer masses from their church to save their souls after they die.

Curses can work against evil and for retribution against the wicked. This kind of curse does not effect the innocent, they effect the guilty and can be generational. Real effective curses are Karmic, and no one can escape Karma.

L.A. Steel

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