Jan 08 2014

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Dennis Rodman’s Idiot Diplomacy

Dennis Rodman the cross dressing NBA star turned U.S North Korea’s Ambassador of idiocy
has made a mockery of whatever could be labeled U.S foreign relations. I thought John Kerry’s incompetent statesmanship was bad enough, but Dennis Rodman is the idiot of all idiots. His roving band of NBA buddies, who are presently in North Korea with Rodman for an exhibition game for Kim Jong Un’s Birthday makes a great statement about their personal understanding and sympathies for horrible human rights violations under the most notorious totalitarian regime in the world. Kim Jong Un just murdered (executed) his uncle for undermining him. Some reports stated his uncle and 4 accomplices were stripped and put in a room with 120 starving dogs and died an unspeakable death. I wonder if Kim showed his buddy Dennis the video tape?

On a recent CNN interview with Rodman and his team in North Korea, Rodman was asked what the rationale of the group of NBA players was to go to North Korea as a birthday gift to Kim Jong Un. Thankfully a few of the players were more articulate than Rodman, who held an unlit cigar in hand and mumbled and shouted inaudible sentences at the CNN interviewer. The only sentence he said that was understandable was when he shouted “I don’t give a shit.” I think I understand why Kim Jong Un likes Dennis, because he’s as big an idiot as Kim is. I can’t imagine the insane conversations they must have together.


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