Nov 30 2013

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Take It Easy

Nothing is really easy because,
everything takes thought and action,
everything requires doing something
or thinking something. Even sleep
requires the act of sleeping.
Mindlessness is something I’ve achieved
on occasion, when I overindulge in
alcohol or other intoxicants.
The holiday season is one of overindulgence,
either in food or drink or something else.
I just heard there were over 100 DUI arrests
so far this weekend in Connecticut.
I’d hate to be one of them.
I prefer to stay home when I overindulge
in whatever I overindulge in.
It is so much easier, safer and pleasant.
Who needs or wants someone to tell them,
“Don’t drink so much!” or “Don’t eat so much!”
or “Can you drive?” or “Don’t be an idiot,
give me your car keys!”
I prefer to take it easy when I plan to overindulge.
If can’t stay home, I plan to be with someone
who is more responsible than I am, and expects
to drive me home. A relationship like that
is easy to live with.

Happy Holidays


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