Feb 08 2006

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Is It Just Me

IS IT JUST ME? 2/8/06
I have to wonder if it is just me or is it the entire human population that sees things differently than I do. I see green trees, brown dirt, sometimes red and sometimes light brown. I see black nights and blue skies and white clouds and grey clouds. I see stars at night and sometimes I see the moon and stars during the early morning at sunrise. So why don’t I see other things the way other people do? This is a question I have asked myself for most of my life.

I can remember seeing a horror movie with a friend of mine when I was a kid. He laughed at many of the scariest parts and I was scared through most of the movie. That night I had nightmares of vampires. As an adult I see a man like G.W Bush and G.H. Bush and I get frightened. Kind of the same way I got frightened when I watched the vampire movie. For years I could watch almost any horror movie and not have the same reaction that I had towards vampires. Occasionally werewolves unnerved me depending on the movie. When I was very young I lived within several hundred yards from an old railroad track and for some reason old railroad tracks were always the setting for the old werewolf movies. The lugalou was the French name for werewolves and even the sound of the name use to bother me. I’m a reasonably mature adult now and most of the troublesome characters of horror have descended into bad B rated movies and are mostly laughable. But whenever I think of G.W Bush or his father as well as all in their administrations, I get that strange unnerving feeling that I use to get when I watched horror movies as a kid. That gut wrenching feeling of anxiousness while wondering, what’s he going to do next. How much more hideous and diabolical can the plot get? I am forced to ask myself how many more torture scenes and lies and scenes of war and evil can I tolerate, before I have to shield my eyes from the television set, or turn away from an article or turn off the radio. Never does anything good come from G.W Bush, nothing of hope or optimism, only his blatant lies, idiotic rhetoric and words of condemnation towards his opponents, the American people and to the rest of the world. His speeches are worst than B movie horror scripts. A scream or a shout would be a much needed improvement. A pulse of hope would be so appreciated, but will always be lacking in anything G.W Bush says. He rules through his ability to divide the American people. Make the born agains believe he is one of them. But Christianity is the furthest away from him other than Islam. This article will end on an optimistic note, one that lifts my spirit. Stop watching G.W. Stop listening to him. Put him out of our minds and sing a happy song. Eat junk food; drink a stiff drink just to quash that sense of horror when we see anything having to do with the Bush family.

Maybe I’m too cynical, or maybe I’m right but can’t bear to hear another falsehood come from G.W. Bush’s mouth. Maybe I’m just another American who doesn’t like G.W or his family. Maybe I’m not alone in my dislike for G.W. ? Maybe my dislike and distrust is because I’ve lived long enough to know better? Maybe I look for truth in everyone and when I fail to find it I show my disappointment consciously and subconsciously in my words and actions. But regardless, I hold my ground against G.W, his father and his family until someone can honestly prove to me that the Bush family is not the most dangerous and diabolical family on the planet.


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