Feb 06 2006

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The Steelers Stole It.


I’m not the world’s biggest Stupor Bowl fan, but even an idiot in a drunken stupor couldn’t honestly believe the Steelers won the game. Replay after replay, commercial after commercial, stupid commentator after stupid commentator, couldn’t deny or erase the fact that the ref was bribed. No one could deny that the calls were ridiculous. No one could deny that this Stupor Bowl wasn’t fixed.

I’m not a Steeler or Seahawk fan or any other FB fan for that matter. I stopped being a fan after the start of free agency. I stopped being a fan after the Raiders moved to L.A. I stopped being a fan after steroids took over all sports. I stopped being a fan when the Stupor Bowl commercials went to 500,000 dollars per 30 sec. ad. and they stopped playing the Budweiser frogs. I stopped being a fan when the game stopped being a game and got sick.

The Super Bowl has become another fucked up American tradition where the honesty and joy have been commercially removed. The minute something good is created in America the commercial and corporate bastards work hard to exploit it, destroy it , make a mockery of it and prostitute it to the world. There is no honor left in American sports. There is no honor left in American Holidays, There is no honor left in American government. There is no honor left in American industry. There is no honor left in America. So why should I complain about the the Stupor Bowl being rigged? Why should I bitch about honor and decency and integrity when it no longer exists in America? Because someone should be criticizing America when America loves rigged Super Bowls, and rigged Elections. Bad referees and bad Supreme Court Justices, Bad congressmen and bad senators, Outlaws and gangsters, bad music, bad food and diet soda, obscenity and pornography, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CSI, American Idol, Iraq and Afghan wars. Dead Iraqis, Dead Indians and heroic cowboys, dead Muslims and dead and dying soldiers, big guns, bigger bombs, bad actors and bad movies, bad books and bad newspapers, bad television and bad radio, bad education, bad parents, and bad religions. Does anyone really think that the Steelers won the Super Bowl? If anyone is honestly celebrating this sad, rigged, victory and believes that something good came from this Stupor Bowl, it is only because they are feeling “Sympathy for the Devil?” (And they love G.W. Bush)


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