Feb 05 2006

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For all my international readers who do not understand the All American pastime of the STUPER BOWL please allow me to explain this insane custom. The STUPER BOWL IS: A flagrant American day of waste. Yes , STUPER BOWL SUNDAY is the day that many Americans sit around a living room , game room, sports bar, or where ever a television is tuned into the STUPER BOWL so they can drink beer, eat buffalo wings, chew on potato chips, nachos and all the junk food ever made in the world . The wealthiest 65,000 American STUPER BOWL fanatics will spend 4000 to 7500 dollars for a seat at Ford Stadium in Detroit today to watch 22 men beat, pull and run after each other in order to tackle , hurt, or humiliate one an other for the sole purpose of possessing an oblong shaped, pig skinned covered, brown ball.

Many of my international readers are familiar with soccer and the World Cup but the World Cup is an international competitive event which hosts many nations. The STUPER BOWL is a purely American sport, played by Americans, and watched by the world, an estimated one billion people. The STUPER BOWL is a great American event unlike any other of our various holidays, because it is not an official holiday but is very much a religious event for millions of Americans played out for their entertainment on Sunday, their day of worship.

Americans are famous for their aggressive behavior and eccentric obsessions. On STUPER BOWL SUNDAY men , women and children, dress in their favorite team colors, tee shirts, blue jeans, sweat pants, hats, etc. They have been known to paint their faces and wear every sort of outrageous costume to celebrate this event. Billions of dollars will be spent on snack foods and hor’derves, hamburger, hot dogs, fried chicken, hams, pizza, roast beef, ice cream, candy,cakes, and every type of famous American junk food, and billions of dollars on every conceivable beer and hard liquor. Oh, and we can’t forget the credit card purchases of millions of large screen televisions.

This year’s world famous STUPER BOWL half time event will be a mixed performance of Motown singers, like Aretha Franklin , who weighs in at 300 pounds, as large or larger than most of the football players. She will sing the national anthem. When asked by an interviewer what she would wear to the event, she said, “Jeans and a sweatshirt.” This will be one performance that will mock not shock the world, especially if it is viewed in any African country where millions of people are starving. What a wonderful world spectacle of American Black Women. One day after the funeral of America’s most revered and dignified Black woman, Coretta Scott King. Then once the anthem is sung the STUPER BOWL planners decided to top off the half time event with the Rolling Stones, the world’ most aged rock band, famous Satanists, creators of such unforgettable songs as Sympathy for the Devil. The Stones are a noble forthright example of American culture, a satanic British Rock Band. Yes, this is a great Sunday holiday. All that would be needed to show the world the epitome of American hypocrisy, decadence and stupidity would be an opening prayer by G.W. BUSH. This could well cause a sudden global, human physical chain reaction; that would become known as the great American burp and fart heard around the world.


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