Jan 29 2006

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Population Reduction and the Global 2000 Report


It is a frightening and harsh truth that I have discovered recently. I know I should have known about this long before now but I ignored the report out of fear for what it stated. I ignored the words because I could not comprehend what they meant. I ignored all human suffering but my own. It will go away I thought, just as a cut or bruise or cold will go away. But truth of population reduction will not go away only people will disappear. Only the planet that we know will disappear unless we do something about planned population reduction. The first thing to do is to be aware of it.

The Millennium Institute created a report entitled Global 2000 completed and published in 1981. This report was commissioned by the Carter Administration and completed during the Reagan presidency. What it showed as present and historic fact was then used to predict future effects of the growth of global human population. What it predicted was that at the current rate of human population growth the world could not sustain any more than four billion people. The planet human population today is approximately 6 billion people. The effect of this over population accounts for past, present and future government strategies surrounding global natural resources such as oil, natural gas, lumber, valuable minerals, coal, water and farming lands.

The Global 2000 report shows that peak oil production has already begun and by the year 2070 all known world oil reserves will be depleted. It shows that by 2070 at the current rate of human population, 12 billion people will be living on planet Earth. If this is allowed to happen unchecked, then governments will no longer be able to govern effectively and more and more wars will break out, more revolutions, more bloodshed, more religious and secular arguments and eventual global war. Wide spread famine and disease will become the common cause of death for billions of people around the world. The first to die are those who are already dying by the millions in the third world countries of the southern hemisphere. The stories of genocide we hear from so many countries are real global weather modification by those governments of the Northern Hemisphere are being deliberately carried out, who desperately need the natural and enslaved human resources of these exploited countries. War and political unrest are simply diversions for the true motives of Globalist leaders, to capture the wealth and control all world regions that contain natural resources, by reducing the populations by war, contaminated vaccines, privatization of all resources, water, land, minerals and are enslaving the indigenous people of these countries, by creating and maintaining enormous barriers to prevent education and economic independence.

Genocide is not restricted to third world countries. It is prevalent in all industrialized countries as well. The indiscriminate testing of bio weapons on unsuspecting citizens. The contamination of water and food supplies with known toxins and chemicals such as mercury, pesticides and known carcinogens is well reported and well known. Yet little is being done to protect us. Our complicit governments are well aware of these experiments and mass murders being carried out but are not speaking out to warn or protect the People they are suppose to represent. This blame and shame doesn’t just belong to the U.S government but to all industrialized governments, because they are all aware of the problems they would face if too many people remained alive.

The AIDS pandemic began in 1980, and was suspected then of being caused by the artificial creation of the virus spread by the U.S government into the gay communities to eliminate their populations and then to depopulate as many areas of the globe as possible, to comply with the global population reduction goals set by the industrialized countries. The estimated goal for population reduction globally was to reduce the population to 4 billion; which would require the extermination of 2 billion people by year 2000. Even with all the wars and plagues up until the present day the population remains at approximately 6 billion and this number must be reduced to 4 billion to sustain the eco balance of human population to global resources. In the 21st century it is predicted that all wars will be fought over limited resources of water and oil and other precious resources. We are seeing that prediction coming true when we simply observe the many wars now being fought around the world. Most are caused by land disagreements and ancient hatreds between cultures, caused by previous genocides carried out by both warring parties and flamed by their mutual distrust of each other.

The most difficult decision of course, once intelligent and rational people are made aware of this existing, ruthless and calculated program of global population reduction, is that of who will be sacrificed? Who will be deliberately massacred, starved or killed by manmade diseases and disasters so that others can live? Is it now the survival of the fittest? Social Darwinism? Will we begin to see the disappearance of certain minorities, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and Caucasians? Perhaps religious factions, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists their all being attacked from within their own countries and from outside and most of these religions’ hierarchies have ordered the persecution of others as many of their own followers have also been persecuted. This form of ethnic or cultural cleansing and genocide has been practiced and condoned by human societies since man’s creation. It is simply a side of mankind that it’s “enlightened” members prefer to ignore; unless they themselves are faced with persecution and the threat of death or enslavement. Then it becomes an issue of self defense, dog eat dog, everyman for himself or organized resistance, etc. Within everyone is the desire to live, it is just that some are far better at survival than others and are more aware of the survival skills needed to remain strong, healthy and aware of the existence of potential predators.

So the great question is, who will be destroyed first and the answer is, the weakest. Who will be second, third and fourth? They will also be the weakest and most vulnerable. Then it will come down to the survival of the most cunning and strong. Not so much the most populated or the richest, but the cleverest, the most physically healthy, the most aggressive, the most adaptable, protective and the most ruthless. Frightening choices, frightening consequences, but it is real and present and vicious massacres are being carried out now and have been since the beginning of human existence. It appears that Mankind’s prolific ability to reproduce has outpaced its natural predators; until finally the world’s deadliest predator is threatening to destroy vast numbers of the global human population for sake of its own survival and that predator is mankind itself. Will love, compassion, mercy, wisdom, prayer all help to bring about a divine solution? The last divine solution was a worldwide flood. The next foretold divine solution is again the final destruction of mankind, but not again by flood. Maybe there is a better solution but world leaders have not found it yet, no one has found it yet, unless it is faith. If faith in divine intervention saves the planet that will be wonderful, but if it does not; then evolution will take its normal course in creating a more viable human species, or eventually bring about the extinction of mankind.


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