Jan 22 2006

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Hewlett Packard Printers SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!


I got a new 5610 All-in-One Office jet printer in December 2005. It took a week to get it. I anxiously opened the box and began to set it up; when I got to step 8 in the instruction book, PRESS THE ON BUTTON AND CONFIGURE,I did and the machine would not turn on. I checked my own outlets and tried to reconnect according to the instructions and the machine still would not turn on.

Now, patiently pissed off, I try to find the tech support number in the 130 page user manual. The support line was not listed in the small print, pale green typed index; instead it was referred to in a section of the book and was not on the instruction set up sheet either. After 3 or 4 minutes of looking for the Goddamn number I found it, 1-800-474-6836. I have printed it here in case anyone needs it , anyone who might have lost their user manual or is having a meltdown trying to find the number, or has spent an hour on hold while trying to get to HP tech support.

Finally after speaking to a computer voice asking me three times what kind of printer I have, I finally shouted into the receiver “OFFICE JET 5610 ALL IN ONE!!” The computer voice then asked, “Do you have an Office jet 5610?” I held my reply to a simple yes. Then the voice said “Thank you please hold while I connect you to a technician” —————– “Hello I am John your tech support, who are you and may I have your phone number? ” 45 minutes later after trying every secret set up code in the HP tech knowledge bank, John says,” I’m sorry sir but your machine is not working. I suggest you send it back and we will replace it with a new one.” Ok I said, how long will it take? “Five to seven days” That sounded reasonable so I agreed then I was transferred to billing, another Indian representative asks for my telephone number. I said I had been talking to the company for an hour, I gave all this info to the other rep. doesn’t HP have a computer system in their office? If I already spent five minutes giving all this info, including my phone number, why the hell do I have to do it again?!!” “OH” she replied, “Yes we have it here, so what is the problem?” “Didn’t the service rep send you the case file? He said he prepared one?”I asked. “Oh, do you have a case number?” “Don’t you have my case number; I just gave

you my name? My case number is ###########.” “Thank you. Oh, your printer is not working and you want a replacement, is that correct?” Yes. I replied. “Ok sir, we will have a replacement for you in 5-7 business days.” Then she continued to say,” Your delivery will be on the 18th of January.” Now anyone can tell that Dec.30th to January 18th is more than 5-7 business days in any language or country on earth. I asked her if the machine was being shipped by camel caravan for it to take 18 days to get to me; when she just quoted 5-7 business days. There was a sudden moment of silence then she said, “I’m sorry sir but due to the many holiday purchases and returns we cannot send your replacement any earlier. However if you wish to use over night FedEx it will cost approximately 20 dollars and you will receive it within that time. But this is an option available to you.” By this time I was on the phone for over an hour, my machine wouldn’t turn on, I had to send it back and get a replacement by camel caravan; unless of course, I wanted to pay for the shipping. I’ve lost all the way around. “OK.” I said,” Just send it to me.” “Thank you sir, tell me your name, address and phone number and email.” “Listen lady I’ve given this several times already don’t you have it in your computer file?” “OH, yes, we will be sending you your replacement as soon as possible. Thank you for calling HP and have a good day.”

Well, wouldn’t you know it, shipment was confirmed by email on the ninth of January, I received it on the 19th. I was pleased to have finally received it and didn’t immediately set up the printer until the next day. That next evening I did everything the entire instruction sheet asked of me, until I got to the point of turning it on, suddenly the green light came on and I felt a moment of great joy. Then I proceeded successfully to step number 13 part d.(PRESS THE OK BUTTON AGAIN TO BEGIN ALIGNMENT.AFTER ON LIGHT STOPS BLINKING, A MESSAGE APPEARS ON THE DISPLAY TO INDICATE ALIGNMENT IS COMPLETE.) The light kept flashing and the display said to keep waiting for alignment to complete. This was for the scanner part of the All In One 5610 piece of crap. Fifteen minutes later the light was still flashing and the display read: ALIGNING CARTRIDGE PLEASE WAIT. It was at this point when I fumbled around looking for the user manual for HP’s support number. Then the whole damned process began again.

I’ll spare my readers from further expletive deleted exploits, only to say that one hour later, after HP Tech Jim, with an Indian accent, went through every possible set up technique with me from the HP tech’s handbook, I finally told him I wanted to send the machine back and cancel my entire order. He said that was a good idea and he was sorry, and asked me to let him place me on hold for a few minutes while he talked to his superiors. After two or three minutes of dead silence he returns to the phone and tells me he doesn’t have the authority to cancel my order; but a supervisor will call me back in twenty four hours to speak to me. As of this writing I am still

waiting for his call. If and when the supervisor does call me I will post his comments on this site. In the meantime I would ask all who read these words to consider them a warning, not to ever buy an HP 5610 all in one printer and not to buy anything made by HP, since the quality of their product and customer service totally sucks. I was told by a friend of mine recently, that a friend of his went through the same thing with HP three times with the same machine. He kept the third replacement, which lasted until the warranty ended, then crapped out. The first thing to go was the scanner. So much for Hewlett. Packard Development Company.LP. If anyone is interested, their 138 page user manual is printed in Mexico. If you want to complain to them about their outsourcing or total lack of quality control and refer them to this article, please feel free. You can forward this article to a friend or to www.hp.com. Please help your fellow man by preventing them from going through the same torment I am with Hewlett. Packard. They will sincerely thank you.


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