Feb 15 2006

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Was Cheney Bird Hunting on Bourbon?


Jim Beam was always advertized as the Hunter’s friend. Growing up I would flip through outdoor sports magazines like Field and Steam and see full page color ads of men in hunting clothes sitting around a campfire or in a blind with a bottle of Jim Beam assumingly shared by all . I’m not knocking Old Jim, I’ve enjoyed plenty of it and still do on occasion. But after hearing about Dick Cheney shooting his friend in the face and side while on a quail hunt, made me wonder if Old Jim might have had something to do with it.

I remembered an incident when I came close to being shot by and idiot in a hunting party.( I was later told he invited himself. ) There were five of us in the hunting party that day. The fifth guy was Jim. Beam. We kept him safe in a brown paper bag under the front seat of the truck and wouldn’t let him out until after the hunt. I wish we could have done that with the idiot who took a shot at me. When I heard about Cheney’s hunting accident I was reminded of my near accident and thought about why Cheney might have been invited to quail hunt that day. Who could say no to the VP of the U.S if he asked to join your hunting party,( even if you knew he was crazy.)

Dick Cheney has a reputation for being a car seat hunter and a guy who doesn’t really care to hunt he just likes killing. Several weeks before this recent hunting trip he went to a pheasant farm where 500 pheasant were released for him and his party. It was reported and announce on the Tucker Carlson show by the President of National Human Society that ; Dead Eye Dick Cheney shot 70 pheasant in a few hours. That must of been like shooting chicken in a chicken coop. ( He probably never left his car. ) This great white “Woosey” hunter must of been sipping on something stronger than coffee, to get off by slaughtering 70 pheasant with a shot gun inside of an hour or so. What kind of a sick mind would have fun doing that? The same kind of mind that would insist on allowing Iraqis to be tortured and filmed for his amusement. The kind of sick mind that would lie , cheat and steal his way to power. The kind of sick mind that would send 130,000 American soldiers into hell to face death and permanent disability, so he could profit by setting up no bid contracts with his cronies and former company Haliburton to supply the entire army. This is the kind of sick mind that would give the stand down orders to NORAD on 9/11/01 not to shoot down the hijacked planes heading towards the World Trade Center, so he could enjoy watching 3000 people explode and fall to their deaths. This is the kind of sick mind that takes pride and joy in deceiving the American people and recking havoc and death upon them . Imagine this soul less monster under the influence of Bourbon? Imagine this black hearted creature inviting himself into your hunting party? Why didn’t Dead Eye Dick contact authorities until 18 hours after the accident? The bastard was probably drunk and had been drinking all day. He couldn’t risk being tested; until he and his group of “Great White Hunters” got sober and got their stories straight. It’s very possible that the guy he shot was drunk as well. What else would have made him step in front of Dead Eye Dick ? What else would have made Dead Eye Dick shoot at his supposed friend at such close range? The distance was only thirty yards according to their official story. The friend that he shot must of either been drunk or suffering from dementia. Either way he doesn’t seem competent enough to have been carrying a loaded gun. Neither was Dick Cheney. This entire incident as reported remains totally suspect. But it is so typical of Dick Cheney or anyone in the Bush administration. WMDs , links to Iraq and Osama, no investigation into 911, no Cheney papers released on his Energy meetings. Cheney’s denial of involvement in the Valarie Plame outing, no explanation of his Haliburton stocks options etc.etc. etc. Unless his friend dies from the gunshot wound in his heart, their won’t be an investigation into this shooting incident either.

Dick Cheney is a menace to everyone. Similar to the idiot who nearly shot me. The idiot was drinking that day. He had several DUIs on his record and he was a wealthy black hearted bastard known and disliked by many. His nickname was Dick also. “Gee I’m sorry he said I thought you were a deer.” That’s what the idiot said to me after he shot at me and thankfully missed.) I wonder what Dick Cheney said to his friend after he shot him,”Gee I’m sorry I thought you were a quail.”

L.A. Steel

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