May 11 2005

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L.A. Steel’s Excommunication of all Religions


Throughout my maturing years I have heard and wondered about the power of excommunication. Not that it was ever a preoccupation of mine but every so often you hear about it. When I was a child growing up in a Catholic family the word excommunicated got tossed around once and a while, but it never made any sense to me. It was always shrouded in mystery as the worst thing that could happen to someone.

I always wondered what I would be cast out from. As a curious kid I couldn’t understand what could possibly happen to me if I was excommunicated. I wouldn’t have to go to church ever again. That didn’t seem like a punishment to me. I couldn’t receive communion, which I seldom ever did except when pushed up to the alter by my parents at Easter or Christmas. I couldn’t have confession. Gee what a terrible thing that was. I use to have to make up sins to tell the priest just to have something to say to him. Then he would tell me “Say ten Hail Mary’s and an Our Father.” If I made up a big enough sin he would double the penance. I figured since I made up the sin anyway I didn’t have to do the penance. Besides what was the worst thing he could do to me , excommunicate me?

I use to think a great deal about Catholicism since my poor soul was at stake, according to my devoted grandmother who prayed daily to save it. I was in a dilemma until I realized one day shortly after my thirteenth birthday, that Catholicism made absolutely no sense to me and never would. It made no logical or rational sense. The Catholic Church was nothing more than a political organization that kept its power through guilt, fear and deceitful diplomacy. It made my grandparents and parents irrational and virtually insane. I am convinced to this day that most Catholics are insane. Christianity encourages blood sacrifices through communion and worshiping idols in Catholicism. Plaster statues of sorrowful saints line the walls and entrances and alters of every Catholic Church in the world. For a dime or a dollar a believer can light a big or small candle to a” saint someone” and get a blessing. Give tithing to the church and be blessed forever. If you kill or steal or commit adultery simply go to confession and tell a pedophilic priest. Catholicism promotes ignorance and teaches bigotry and extreme discrimination as do so many of the Protestant sects promote loathing of the unsaved and superiority towards all other religions and people.

Catholicism overburdens and impoverishes families by preventing the use of birth control and advocates poverty as a virtue. It sanctions and encourages absolute obedience to religious leaders. It promotes mass servitude to a selected pope, many of whom were insane and selected from the secular ruling class of Europe. All religions are nothing more than organized institutions devised to control the minds of the masses through intimidation, fear , guilt, and historically have intimidated world leaders either militarily or politically and threatening to excommunicate them. The Catholic, Protestant, Islamic and Jewish institutions even today threaten political uprisings and start revolutionary actions to destabilize governments. All Churches are abortions of godliness as parasitic man eating monsters that rob humanity of its soul through their artificial promises of salvation and paradise, hierarchies of hypocrites and the ignorant believers of the divine inspiration of their individual dogma. The supposedly sacred works of the plaster and wood idols of Catholicism and the avaricious leaders of protestant ministries prove to be as false as their hierarchies who credit themselves with sainthood or godliness or blessedness.

Catholicism created the Christian myth of virgin mothers and godly sons who withstood gruesome self sacrifice to set the example of the physical suffering and death of Christ the founder of the religion. What is the inspiration here? It’s amazing there aren’t any Catholic suicide bombers. Catholicism dictates that the only way to heaven is through their sacraments, which are too often administered by a sexually perverted and pedophilic priesthood who obey an insane and sadistic pope. The pope is said to be the representative of Christ on earth the historical sponsor of the mass murder of perhaps millions of innocent people by the horrid crimes against humanity committed during the 500 year Inquisition. The utter madness of the zealots of priestly orders of Jesuits, Benedictines, Franciscans etc.etc.and the rabbis and religious leaders of all other religions have monopolized their wealth and influence into the mind controlling, monstrous, franchise that dominate the lives of ninety percent of the worlds living and countless billions of foolish dead believers. How is it possible for anyone to believe that God could be accurately portrayed through the wicked history of these religions? How could any fully sane individual of any religion accept the atrocities committed in the names of their prophets or their deity. “My God is better than your God.” was a recent quote by General Boyton who now leads the interrogations at Abu Gharib Prison in Iraq.

The insanity of many of the three hundred or so popes throughout church history is adequate proof and evidence that a higher intelligence does not work through the Catholic Church. No good or righteous man or woman would willfully kill or torture another human being. No sane or rational human being would voluntarily accept an addlebrained idiot to dictate the most sacred part of one’s existence.(Though he may be forced to accept an addlebrained idiot as a political leader.) The mindless acceptance of a religious dogma by faith and family traditions are not valid reasons to devote one’s entire life to false doctrines without being given the right to question these doctrines of the religious authority. No one with average intelligence would unquestionably enter into a contact with anyone or anything that would affect his or her entire life from birth to death without wanting to read the contract first. Without wanting to understand fully what they were entering into. Perhaps the most shocking revelation to me as a thinking individual was when my father, who passed away some 15 years ago, stated to me emphatically and proudly that he had never read the bible. My father was an avid reader with a certain interest in history and philosophy and a (GI Bill) college graduate. I had always believed that he had read the large Catholic bible that was always displayed somewhere in the home of most Roman Catholics along with images of saints and crucifixes.

What became the full turn of my faith was the day my father said that I was not to question the teaching of the church and that he never did. He scolded me by saying priests were the only interpreters of the bible, since they were far more learned in religion than anyone else. Wow! That blew my mind. It was then that I realized my entire family as well as every Catholic who believed that it was a sin to question the teachings of the Church and anyone who did could be punished by EXCOMMUNICATION, were seriously mislead and confused.

What a complete and utter joke. The absurdity of Catholicism was so apparent it stood out as a mockery of human intelligence and a sacrilege to the God of the Universe. Catholicism is a religion of fornication, pedophilia, drunkards, power hungry rulers, mindless fools led by mindless fools. Poor and weak souls enslaved by the Church by their own ignorance, fear, guilt, self loathing and self delusion. “Mankind is wicked and born with original sin.” What a farce, what a complete farce. “Then when he dies he goes to purgatory or hell and if he gives all his money and property to the church he will go to heaven.” I am not important enough to have been excommunicated by the Church though I more than dissolved my relationship many, many years ago; but since the death of the old pope and the beginning of the reign of the new old pope I thought it would be a good time for me to announce my excommunication of the Catholic Church. Yes if a church can excommunicate someone than it is only right and fair that anyone can excommunicate the church, and in case they never got my first message, I hereby give all churches Catholic, Protestant , Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, Bahia, etc.etc. my notice of my Excommunication of them from my life.

Now that I have affirmed my Excommunication of all established religions, I am urging all other intelligent and rational thinking people to consider doing so as well. There can be no one who has a hold on your soul, on the outcome of your eternal destiny. No one can dictate your morality, your livelihood, your means of expression unless what you are doing his harmful to others or deadly to yourself. Most people have a sense of morality or guidelines to conduct their lives. Some great influences may be from religious indoctrination, however if an individual is to achieve his truest potential he must preserve his ability to choose and think for himself reserving the right to determine his or her future to blaze new untrodden paths of conscience and moral ascension. The old methods of conflicting teachings and warring theologies are simply the mechanizations of men trying to protect their power, wealth and influence through deception and the oppression of the world’s population. Religions are the destroyers of free will, the retardants of mankind’s mental advancements. World religions are no more the saviors of the world than the war mongering countries that colonize other countries under the guises of democratization and liberty. Any thinking individual must inherently know that they were born without a religion and can live and die without one. I have cast off the idea or acceptance of any religion.

I find comfort and great peace in my belief that God exists and I believe that he exists in everyone and no religion or leader or theology holds the only franchise to the understanding of God or creation. Any real child of God can easily recognize god in himself and in nature, just as he can recognize his own features in a mirror. The simple recognition of one’s own existence validates to himself a miracle. I have never needed a pope, saint, preacher, priest or parent to impose their validation of the presence of God in me or in the entire Universe. I excommunicate all religious institutions, all theologies, all pious hypocrisy, all that does not exemplify the highest moral truth and inspire the free and the finest potential of the human spirit.

L.A. Steel

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