Apr 29 2005

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Bush Bullshit


Social Security, the energy crisis, the Iraq war, judicial nominees, these were just a few of the issues mentioned last night in G.W’s televised press conference. “Yada, Yada, Yada, Yahooo! Amen”. For all the good it did he might have just said these magic words and left the podium. It was obvious to me, that his only plan for reforming Social Security was to spend a trillion more dollars to set up private savings accounts, but for some reason the press forgot to mention that in their questioning of the president or that the trillion dollars would to be borrowed, most likely from the current Social Security Surplus.

If that makes any sense to anyone other than Tom Delay or Bill Frist then I have some brown fields and open cess pools in Florida and Texas they might be interested in buying for a trillion dollars. They can make that check payable to the L.A. STEEL AMERICAN TRUST FUND INC. Isn’t it amazing that the two most polluted and the two worst governed states in the country are now or were governed by the Bush family. It is remarkable that the American people think that the Bush governing track record was worthy of electing G.W and G.H.W as presidents of the United States and another idiot son as governor of Florida. I’m certain most people around the planet are amazed by this as well.

The Energy Policy or lack of one as G.W explained to the world, is one of the worse energy policies anyone could have possibly devised. The entire policy now before the Congress was written by the energy lobbyists and Vice President Dick Cheney. None of the names of the advisors and architects of the plan were allowed to be published or even revealed to the Congress (because many of the advisors were Enron felons). This decision for censorship was upheld by the illustrious Supreme Court and advocated by Justice Scalia shortly after he went duck hunting with his best friend Dick Cheney. Scalia refused to recues himself from the decision stating that he felt their was no pressure placed upon him by Vice President Dick Cheney and that their friendship had nothing to do with his decision to vote for the censorship of the energy advisory board’s names and records of their meetings. Shove your Energy Bill Mr. Bush!

By this time during the conference I was beginning to descend hopelessly into the American Void of Conservative Delusion. This is a state of mind known only to Americans since 1999 when George W. Bush first began to run for President. His dyslexia and psychopathic deceptions have invaded the American lexicon and his image and voice are so repulsive that Americans become numb as they look upon G.W. in total disbelief whenever he speaks. Bush Bites have become the reality of American leadership and have become another highly advertized and marketed junk food, forced down the throats of the American Public by their government and the collaborative news media. The Iraq war was given little attention because the U.S is losing its ass there and no one wanted to ask the question of WHERE THE HELL IS OSAMA BIN LADEN? OR, NOW THAT THE U.S IS CONSIDERED AN IMPERIALIST NATION AND OUR PRESIDENT AND HIS CABINET AND HIS TOP GENERALS ARE CONSIDERED WAR CRIMINALS BY THE REST OF THE WORLD, WHAT WILL WE DO TO WITHDRAW FROM IRAQ? Oh, we must not forget to mention Mr. Bush’s great faith he said “is a personal issue and should not be a part of governmental decisions.” YA RIGHT!

In G.W’s crude and belittling manner he called upon NBC reporter David Gregory, who he named “Stretch” because he couldn’t remember his name. The very tall reporter stood up and before asking his question said,” I HAVE BEEN CALLED WORSE.” The part of that cliché that he omitted is very well known to most Americans , who finished his statement under their breath, ” BY BETTER MEN.”

L.A. Steel

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