Apr 30 2007

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I read today that Prince Harry is going to Iraq to fight in the war. I wouldn’t want to be in his brigade. I wouldn’t want to be the poor private who is ordered to watch Harry’s back. If I was third in line to the throne of England I’d be dating every hot celebrity and super model in the world. I would be in a non stop party for the rest of my life. All he has to do to be paid millions of pounds sterling a year is wave at people in a parade. What a great job! Anyone could do that unconscious.

I guess there are certain responsibilities that go along with being a prince. I can’t imagine what they are other than doing what grand mommy the queen tells him to do. I’m trying to imagine what it would be like to be born into a life of incredible priviledge as one of the most famous and wealthiest people in the world. Imagine never having to worry about money and having a butler and personal attendent to do anything you would ask of them. Then imagine willingly giving it all up and enlisting in the army, and request to be placed in the frontline of battle. Either being the third prince in line to the throne of England is far worse than anyone could ever imagine,even worse than facing death in the front lines of Iraq, or Prince Harry is a complete idiot.


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