Jun 13 2007

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What and where is the political left? I thought I was on the Left once. I thought liberalism was left of center politically. I don’t believe it is anymore. I believe liberalism (believing in the good of Humanity) is dead center. Everything left or right of center is insanity, conflict, chaos.Neither a right or left candidate can win an election. (Except in San Francisco) But even the most extreme of candidates for public office must be represented in all public debates. Without there extreme views finding center would be extremely difficult. Unfortunately few voters in the U.S either research the candidates or they simply vote for one of the two candidates on the ballot. Few pay any attention to third party candidates. Few pay attention to most issues. Most vote on one issue.

The 2008 election will be rigged again. I believe that the Iowa Caucus is a complete farce and the first step towards national vote rigging. Why must an entire country trust 100.000 white people from the rual farming state of Iowa, to select a national , presidential candidate.What kind of political corruption is going on here? The second step towards a rigged election is the New Hampshire Primary. Another small state of white people selecting the presidential candidate for each party. By the end of the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary the two national candidates of both politcal parties have been determined by less than one million rual voters. Primaries and caucuses should be illegal. .All candidates from all parties should be on the ballot and elected by a run off vote. The candidate who gets the most votes wins. The candidate who gets the second most votes wins Vice President regardless of party affiliation. This would be the fair way of doing it. Anything else is a set up for rigging the national elections. Americans have to wonder if there ever was a fair election in the U.S.

Democrats are not liberal and Republicans are not conservative. No one could call Guilani a conservative. No one could call McCain a conservative both could be called idiots. John Kerry is a corrupt Skull and Bonesman who married into a Ketchup dynasty. Ted Kennedy is just a hedonistic wind bag who lives off his family’s name and fortune. One can bet he would be re-elected by Massachusetts voters six years after his natural death. Liberals R US is the Democratic party motto, whoopee cushions, fake Ketchup blood, fake tears and empathy and 400 dollar hair cuts are there passions. Conservatives and Republicans, are con men and scam artists. The only way they can be elected is by rigged voting. Face it, who the hell wants anyone from either party representing them anywhere? Voting for members of either party means; that as a legal,voting, American citizen ; who believes his vote will count, you have lost before you even entered the voting booth.

Hillary, Obama and Edwards, what kind of a choice is this? A tomato, a stalk of celery and an over ripe banana.Two fruits and a vegetable. This is the typical Democratic fund raising buffet. Anyone who has ever been to one knows that Democrats are notoriously cheap. For $250 a plate you get a plate of boiled chicken and rancit piece of cheese. Republicans usually do better, but they start at $1000 a plate, drinks not included. They use to have ala carte costs for shaking Cheney’s hand for an extra $5000, or $10,000, and for Bush it use to cost $25,000 to shake his greedy little hand. Bush and Cheney would have to pay someone $25,000 to shake their hands today. I might take the money, but I would make sure I wore gloves, and would never be seen with either of them in public.

Who the hell would want a photo taken with G.W Bush or Dick Cheney? These guys will soon be in War Crimes Court at the Hague. Anyone seen in a picture shaking hands with Hitler was considered a criminal or collaborator.

Lefties and righties are the silliest people in the world. They have a need to fight someone. They have a need to bomb a building or sing a peace song, or bang a drum, or blow a horn. Most are starved for attention and will stand on their heads naked to get attention. The Globalist agenda ( and there really is one)is to fund and support both sides to attack one another; while the globalist crooks , thieves and traitors steal the government and loot the treasury. Someone once equated the right and left with an old Looney Tunes cartoon. A wolf and sheep dog punch a time card in the morning when they start work in the sheep pen. One says Good Morning Ralph, and the other says Good Morning John. They fight with each other during the day, and then both punch out their time cards at the end of their work day . The dog says Goodnight John and wolf says Goodnight Ralph. It takes a clever cartoon to sum it all up. I can remember that cartoon from many years ago. Too bad I didn’t understand it’s true implication when I saw it as a kid . It would have saved me a lot of time and effort trying to understand the American two party political agenda.

I got caught up in the fight for many years and often became quite angry. I was played like a perverbial fiddle, just like everyone was. Every major activist group in the country and around the world is bought and paid for by someone with an agenda. Soros made his fortune by funding anti government activists around the world so as to destablize economies; then he would bet on or against the currencies. You can be certain he’s cashed in greatly by betting against the U.S currency. Soros funds most of the left wing organizations in the U.S . It wouldn’t surprize me if he funded the right wing organizations as well. Most of the established foundations like Rockefeller , Ford and Carnagie have been major players since their inceptions in the early twentieth century. Few know that they are all funding the globalist, communist and socialist agendas. Few know that they funded the Nazis in Germany and the communist revolution in Russia. It’s been proven and brought out to the public, but the public doesn’t really care. All the organizations with their hands out are getting paid well to look like they are really doing something worth while for humanity and whitewashing their globalist activities. Very much like the Congress and the President. Thank God the majority of American people have started to catch on to what is happening to them. We have begun to see that the level of deception has so many layers to it; that we can not trust anyone.

I place trust in no organization. No government, no banking system, no politician, no advocacy groups from left , right or in the middle. I have no faith in faith based groups, no education or womens groups, no children’s charities, no civil rights groups, no religions,no anything groups. I can’t. I simply can not believe in any of them. There is always the underside to these groups and foundations. There is always a hidden political or corporate agenda . Look deeper than the surface smiles, slick public relations campaigns and toupie or wig wearing spokesmen and women and you will see their sinister agendas. The bottom line is always to gain more money and power by stealing from the millions of suckers who fall for their schemes. This isn’t cynicism it is fact. Trusting ourselves and our own intuition is the only thing we can trust. Be politically active and charitably active only if what you are doing is making an immediate impact and directly benefiting someone else. Give your gifts directly to a needy individual, give your political support to those individuals and friends who you know and trust, not to any party, or member of a corrupt political party. Be smart and be real.


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