Sep 03 2007

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The Iraq war isn’t run by human beings,nor has it ever been. The U.S government has been taken over and ravaged by a vicious pack of grizzly war dogs. Hell spawned creatures, who thrive on death and destruction. Rabid, vicious, killers, unleashed upon the world , to destroy anyone or anything that stands in their way. I understand why G.W’s hissing pack of Texas hienas, have left their alpha male, and headed back to safer grounds. They know what is about to happen to G.W, and his mangy pack of rabid dogs. Now the only ones left around G.W are the real killers , hell bent on the enslavement of the American people, and total world domination.

The Republican party is virtually finished. The staunchest Republican War Dogs in the House and Senate have mostly all backed away from their support of Bush’s foreign and domestic policies. The smarter senators and congressmen and aids see the handwriting on the wall. This pack of neocon dogs has gone too far. G.W and his mad dog administration, are despised by virtually every country in the world, and by the American people. The few remaining Bush Administration stragglers, are continuing to growel at the world, in defense of the war, and in defense of their own crimes. They will soon be rendered powerless, and cast out of their high offices, forced to fight their many domestic and foreign enemies alone.

Let this murderous pack of dogs, fight their wars by themselves. They do not deserve the support of our military. They do not deserve the support of the American people. It’s time for the SPCA to come with their nets and tranquilizer guns and capture this pack of mad dogs; before these hyper- salivating, blood thirsty, dogs of war , destroy the planet.

G.W’s surprise visit to Iraq, is just another attempt of the mad lead dog, to snarl and growel at the useless Iraqis leadership, and try to intimidate, the war weary American soldiers, before they all turn on him and his pack of mad dogs. It won’t be long now ; before G.W will be destroyed by those around him, as they will turn on him and on each other. I think it has begun to happen already,and G.W and Dick Cheney have scared off the weaker members of the pack. All who have remained in the Bush Administration are the most sick, the most desparate,and the most dangerous.


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