Oct 25 2007

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I watched the speech given by President Amadinejad at Columbia University. It was a good speech. One that strove to include a spiritual message, and one that would open international dialogue on currently censored subjects. It was totally appropriate for a university audience; who’s reasons for attending should be to allow freedom of discussion, listen to various opinions, and debate and question the speaker on international and national issues. President Amadinejad’s significant statements were ridiculed by all American news media as “rambling and automatic”, or “inciting dissent and foolish”. They were questions the mainstream media in the U.S would never ask, or an American politician would never talk about publicly; regarding the crimes and conspiracies of the G.W Bush adminstration. The questions he posed to his audience were; who was really responsible for 911? Why are scholars not allowed to research the Jewish Holocaust? Why is Israel allowed to oppress and commit genocide against Palestinians without U.S or U.N outrage? What are the real motives for U.S aggression in the Middle East? Why is the U.S so adamant about going to war with Iran? Why can’t Iran have nuclear power as a source for it’s national energy , when other countries, far more dangerous,( such as North Korea), are allowed to possess nuclear weapons? These are valid questions, that the global academic community should be discussing openly, but have censored , ridiculed or ruin the careers of everyone; who attempts to argue the official, government explanations.

Mr.Bollinger,the (prez-dent) of Columbia University is a disgrace, and a perfect example of the decline of the quality of education in American universities, and the competence of their administrators. Mr. Bollinger is a national embarrassment, and should be condemned as such, for his blatant arrogance and stupidity. To introduce an invited guest speaker, a President of a foreign country, as a “Petty and cruel Dictator”is the extreme of political insults to a foreign head of state. That President Amadinejad did not walk off the stage and declare (prez-dent) Bollinger an ignorant , bigoted, Zionist Islamophob, bowing to the pressure of his Zionist masters, was an example of his complete mastery of self control. (prez-dent) Bollinger further insulted President Amadinejad , by claiming he was “ignorant and uneducated” . President Amadinejad holds a PHD in advanced physics! Bollinger is a moronic , globalist, politically appointed boob, with the social and diplomatic etiquette of the hill billie, homosexual, rapist, in the movie” Deliverance.” What a proud and exemplary performance from the(prez-dent), and campus idiot, of Columbia University. The parents of the students of Columbia University should be demanding his resignation . Those who aren’t are confident; that their tuition monies are being well spent. They must be proud of Mr. Bollinger’s shining example of incompetent academic leadership, which he displayed so prominantly, in front of the entire world with his introduction of President Amadinejad. Mr. Bollinger’s performance assures his place in history, and a permanently diminished reputation for Columbia University; as the most blatantly stupid, crude, contemptable, and arrogant, academic, to ever achieve the status of a president of an American university.

The American televison and radio networks and written press coverage of Amadinejad’s speech was nothing more than undisguised , anti islamic propaganda and, slanderous , libelous displays, of a war mongering , miltaristic, fascist , completely government controlled, media. A prominent New York newspaper, I will not mention it’s name, ran on their front page yesterday, President Amadinejad’s picture, and the headline of PRESIDENT OF EVIL. Is this what Americans want from their press? Is this what Americans want from their news media? Is this a true statement of what the majority of Americans are and believe?

I know that there are many who think as I do. I know that there are millions of intelligent Americans; who are disgusted by the ignorance and blatant propaganda being disguised as news by the U.S media. The reactions of the Republican candidates and several of the Democratic presidential candidates blatantly depict their dangerous intollerances, and militaristic, globalist , fascist, and religious fundamentalist ideologies. Without freedom of speech for everyone there is no freedom of speech in America. For our government and media to be so dominated and controlled by semetic, militaristic, and fundamental Christian ideologues is a diabolical danger, and a national disgrace . Freedom of Speech was established as a main pillar of the U.S Constitution by it’s architects. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly, are the two strongest pillars of any democratic form of government. Without them these forms of government collapse. Freedom of speech is an unalienable right given to American citizens, and should always be held before the world undiminished, as our torch of freedom to enlighten the world. It must never be extinguished by wickeness, bigotry, hatred, or fear by small minds, or oppressive governments. It must never be diminished by the blindness of religious zealots, or the ignorance of fools. Freedom of Speech is sacred, it is pure, it is the sword and shield of all Americans, to defend themselves from tyranny and oppression. It is the sacred duty of every American to protect the rights, and dignity, of all who are invited to our country, to speak openly; regardless the topic of discussion, or the reputation of the speaker. The president of Columbia University, and the American media, have defiled this sacred right . They will pay the consequences for their stupid, and insulting behaviour, by the distruction of their legacies, and the public unmasking of their true, petty, characters. I pray that what they do, or have done, may not lead to a world war, or futher U.S military conflicts. My hope is that Americans, and citizens from all countries will no longer tollerate the insanity, and hypocricy of their political and religious leaders, or the leadership and influences of their major academic, corporate and imperialists’ ambitions. History proves that all of these have ended by wars, revolutions, or total destruction. I fear greatly for the future of America, as I fear for the future of the world. The next war will begin by an unforgivable insult, stemming from the arrogance, stupidity, and ignorance, so often displayed by our current President, and academic idiots, like Mr.Bollinger of Columbia University, and so many others like him; who dominate U.S think tanks, and influence national and international policies. The Art of Diplomacy is a lost art in the United States. It is obviously untaught by Columbia University, and all other American universities, and it is completely unknown by the G.W Bush Administration.


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    This is a joke right?
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