Oct 26 2007

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Intuitive communications are often transmitted in a non verbal language. I have often thought of trying to communicate to a radio audience, in total verbal silence. I ‘ve tried to imagine what an audience reaction would be . If I could transmit an entire program designed to evoke a spiritually cognitive experience, I would have to challenge all the known physical laws and broadcasting protocols of verbal communication. The audience would have to be willing to suspend their own sensory awareness, and concentrate upon my thought waves, using the props of a radio and a radio frequency. In reality if my communcation to the audience was successful, it would be solely attibutable to their own telepathic awareness of what I was transmitting to them, and not to a radio signal. I may attempt this on my internet program as an experiment in audience participation.

Everyone communicates partly in silence, telepathically , and cosmicly. What we intuitively know, can rarely be verbalized. What we intuitively take for granted, is seldom ever spoken of. I know that I exist, however I never speak of my existence. I honestly do not know what existence is . I only know that I do exist. Where I exist and in what universe , demention, or perimeter of a universe I exist in, is unknown to me. I am here now at my desk, writing this, yet I do not truely understand how I am doing it, or why. I can not explain why I continue to write, though I know intuitively that I am writing and am compelled to write. I feel I must communicate now, and place my thoughts into the ether, where others can see them, or read them , or hear them. As I do this I am also imprinting an emotional and intuitive message to those who are in tune to them.

Our lives appear to follow a preconditioned pattern. This pattern is designed by us, as daily proof of our existence. Each thought we have in some magnificent way, transforms itself into who we are. If we stop thinking, if we close our minds to all thought, and all outside stimulus, then in fact do we cease to exist? If we feel nothing, see nothing, taste, smell or hear nothing, then are we nothing? In this state do we become living dead? The divine aspect of our existence is the intuitive knowledge and wisdom; that allows us to sense our own existence. This is an inherent ability we all have to create our own physical reality. Upon opening our eyes in darkness, or listening to silence, we can create all forms of sounds and sights, and emotional stimulation to prove our existence. Fear is a constant, invisible, reminder of our physical existence, pain is another, our imagination is another reminder; that can intensify, diminish, or ignore our sensory, and extrasensory perceptions.

As every person , I evolve throughout my day. My thoughts and actions are a direct result of my intuitive impulses. I intuitively know that I must wake up from sleep if I am to function at all in the physical world. Each waking moment is a sensual validation of my physical existence. Every moment I am asleep is an unconsious validation of my existence. Dreams are an unconsious validation, as are subconsious reactions to certain stimuli. Do we exist in an eternal dream of reality? If we do , we still manifest our existence in some demention of reality.

I am acutely aware that my worldly knowledge is limited. I am not convinced that my intuitive knowledge is limited. Intuitive knowledge allows me to continue to exist, and successfully adapt in this present reality. The possession of intuitive knowledge may be an assumption, however my awareness of it, is satisfactory proof to me; that I could not exist, nor have I ever existed without it. The extent of my learned knowledge without my intuition could not validate reality. Without the influence of a preternatural or intuitive intelligence , I could not possibly understand what has allowed my existence up to this moment. Reason would demand that it is a preternatural determination and manifestation of my own destiny, but I believe it is a greater influence; that guides my thoughts and actions, and leads me on to fullfill a destiny. Denying this outer influence, would mean denouncing all possibility of a greater spiritual force, or intelligence greater than my own. Knowing the limitations of my current level of knowledge and experience, I am reluctant to accept any static, or lesser thought process that could impede my own. The absense of foreknowledge of an undetemined future, creates a great uncertainty for me. I can not believe I exist without the aid and guidence of a divine force; that either exists within me, or is a continual influence in my spiritual and physical development. If I am limited to only achieve the manifestation of what I learn from my research or from others, it would create far too many obstacles and limitations for me and deny all access to my greater self. Without my intuitive intelligence I would be reduced to a machine, defined and designed by human engineers; who would instruct other men, or machines, on how I should operate.

The attributable sources affecting one’s existence, are intuititive, and cosmic, and are easily ignored or can become entangeled with our humility and arrogance. Man made intelligence is too inferior and incomplete to be considered; when determining the true reason for our own existence.


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