Oct 24 2007

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The horror of the California wild fires is a harsh awakening to millions of Americans, that our well being and security could be lost overnight; through fire, flood, wind , earthquake, or any natural force of nature or man . America is not immune to natural or man made disasters. Our resiliance as a people is what has made us great. Our resiliance in the face of our greatest adversities is what keep the rest of the world in awe of us.

There have been many disasters in American history,and the American people have always come through stronger and wiser . We see our fellow Americans suffering cruel sacrifices, by the winds of Katrina and Rita and now by the winds of the Santa Anna wild fires. We feel for them and have deep concern for their suffering. Americans have survived civil war,slavery, revolution, World Wars, fires, floods, quakes, volcanos, and nationwide civil unrest, but somehow America has pulled through. Why, I am not certain. I believe it is because we demand it of ourselves, and of our nation. We demand self reliance, we demand self sacrifice, we demand our freedoms, we demand our right to live and persue happiness as a free people.

The time has come again,when our individualism, pride and confidence in ourselves must save our society and our nation. We can not rely on our government. We can not rely on our schools, we can not rely on our churches, anything or anyone to deliver us from disaster as a people and a nation. It is up to each of us to be our own leader. Each of us must rely on each other, but mostly upon ourselves. We must have the immovable faith of our immigrant and pioneer ancestors, and the steeled determination in achieving their vision. We must believe again in the best of ourselves, and what our nation can be and will be.


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