Oct 19 2007

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Tonight’s internet program is premised around a series of lectures by Ian Xel Lungold. (available on youtube) our guest George Dickson, will discuss with Leila and I what to expect in the very near future, regarding the catastrophic occurances that are about to take place, predicted by the Mayan Calendar. Join us tonight at 8pm. Click on Listen Live.

We are a month away from the end of the Fifth Day of the Galactic period. On November 18th , 2007 the world will enter the Fifth Night of the Galactic period, which will last until November 15, 2008. During this time it is predicted that Human Consiousness will not be able to adapt to the rapid cataclyzmic events. Civilization as we now know it will virtually collapse. Climate changes will be overwhelming , causing death and mayham thoughout the world. Only those who understand the reason for these events will understand how to overcome them.

Only through our intuition will we be able to survive the coming years. Relying on our consiousness will not provide the needed defense and understanding of all that is about to transpire. Understanding our need to depend upon our sober intuition, will allow us to survive. Becoming perpetually in the Zone. Acting and reacting quickly and without consious thought, trusting our natural intellect rather than our artificial intellect. The mind can only absorb 24 frames of information per second. We will soon be bombarded with hundreds of images and bits of information in one second. The result will be unconsiousness, and insanity.

Listen to our program tonight as we explain the causes and effects of the calamity to come during the Fifth Night of the Mayan Calendar, and how to protect ourselves and be able to rise to a higher consiousness, to greet the Sixth Day of the Galactic Period, when the miraculous manifestation of the human consiousness reaches it’s zenith. {Blogtalkradio.com/lasteelshoworg or go to the top right hand corner of this page and click on Listen Live to see our complete audio archives on Blogtalkradio.com/lasteelshoworg.}


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