Oct 17 2007

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Making a right and responsible decision shouldn’t hurt. It should feel good, and easy, but it never seems to be. It takes both physical and mental pain to make a major decision. It often takes great thought to deliberate on an honest approach to making a decision that could have a serious outcome. The right decision should feel right, if it is right, and should be easy to put into action, but it seldom is easy.

I laughed at an astrologer the other day, when I was told that my transits were not in a proper position to make a big decision. I asked when my transits would be in a good position to make a major decision, and I was told three months . The absurdity of the entire concept became apparent. According to this astrologer, I should probably wear loafers to avoid making a decision to tie my shoes any time soon.

Looking to the stars to predict the perfect time to make decisions is a way to avoid making decisions, or a way to rationalize making bad decisions. Any decision should be made whenever we feel able to make it. Star riders are prone to hemoroids. Those who believe in their predictions are prone to lapses of good judgement. It’s easy to have someone else make a decision for us. It’s too easy. I’ve come to the conclusion that making decisions is a hurting process. It can be painful to have to assess a situation that we need to make a decision about. Most decisions are difficult to make. Advisors are often called in to aid us , experts, therapists, trainers, psychiatrists, psychics, friends and family members. I seldom seek advise from anyone regarding important decisions. I may seek information and study the issue for a while, or I may simply have a double bourbon and make the decision a little less painful. Regardless of which method I choose I generally decide what I am going to do without excessive delays or council. I’ve found if I avoid or delay making decisions they become harder to make later on.

Decision making is a painful process. In my experience, good decisions tend to be more painful to make than bad ones. Bad decisions are too easy to make. They might feel good at the time we make them, but too often the results are less than positive. I advise anyone who is making a decision to hurt on. The pain only lasts as long as you delay making the decision, and becomes extremely uncomfortable if we wait too long. Never be afraid to trust your instincts, do research, or have a double bourbon to aid in making your decisions. If you have difficulty deciding which method works best for you, I suggest you might use all three.


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