Oct 17 2007

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I was very pleased to see Russia come to the defense of Iran . The madness of the Bush administration’s foreign policy is becoming increasingly dangerous and unpredictable. Russia had no other viable alternative than to support Iran in it’s defiant stance against the biligerent, insane, threats made by Mad George WWIII.

No sovereign nation could possibly accept the insults and insane threats of attack against them, made by the Bush Administration, without fighting back diplomatically, as well as creating an alliance for military support in case of a preemptive attack by the U.S. The U.S under any sane president or congress would demand the same response that Iran and Russia have given if the U.S were threatened by any country. Any sane leader of any sane society would react in the same way Iran and Russia have reacted. They are fully aware that Mad George has depleted his military forces , and his henchmen are as insane as he is. They know full well the true sentiment of the American people. They know the poll numbers for Congress and the President. They are resolved in their statements of warning ; that an attack against Iran by Israel or the U.S would trigger an immediate retaliation, resulting in all out war against Israel and the United States. Only fanatical fools like Hitler, or Mad George W. Bush, and his insane henchmen would launch an attack against Iran, or challenge the Russians. This would be complete and utter insanity, but Mad George is insane.

I am ashamed that the U.S has come to this lowest point in its history. We are nearing collapse of our wealth and military power. The American people are lost in ignorance and indifference. Few know what is happening in the world or in their own country. Few know how close we are to another World War. The American people are like sheep and cattle being brought to slaughter, as a herd of animals, unknowing and uncaring of their fate, concerned only in their next meal or amusement. Americans who are aware of what is happening to their country , and do not fight back or cry out an alarm, are victims of their own madness.


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