Oct 15 2007

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Our thoughts are forever spinning through the universe, why would anyone think they could possibly prevent them ? Only fools plotting courses of folly, have the audacity to shout depressing doomsday scenarios, or try to prevent an optimist from having a positive thought of the future. As an optimist I consider all negative thoughts to be offensive. Criticism is a neutral action, immune to all negative or positive influence. It gives needed constructive correction, and inspiration, or rejection, and self judgement. Either type of criticism should be considered neutral, and a forward stepping stone on our ascent to higher consiousness. Both types of criticism can awaken us to our better selves. Harsh criticism awakens us to possible faults or defects in ourselves. Positive criticism can be viewed as a vanity pill , or an ego booster, and should not always be trusted as constructive. The source of any criticism must always be evaluated, before value is given to it. Criticism is only useful if the one who is receiving the criticism accepts it, or can learn from it, or if others can learn from it. Academic criticism is essential to scholars and students. Political and social criticism is essential to all free societies. If what we do causes someone to criticize us; then we know we have succeeded in getting someone’s attention.

Criticism must not be confused with praise or condemnation. These are not neutral. To condemn someone’s words or actions, is a moral and ethical judgment. To praise someone is also a moral and ethical judgement. Everyone loves to be praised. Everyone hates to be condemned. I never resent being criticized, because I constantly am being criticized. This is only fair and rational, if I criticize as well. To take every criticism one receives personally, would make a person completely disfunctional. To avoid any criticism someone would have to live without any source of communication ; even with themselves. To criticize is a normal intellectual function used to discern our likes from our dislikes. Since when is criticizing someone, or something, wrong ? What would a parent, spouse , teacher, or employer , or anyone do, if they could not criticize? For anyone who may wonder if I am criticizing someone, or condemning them , or praising someone; when I write about them in a derogatory or approving way, let me clarify my motives. When I make a critical statement, I am honestly trying to present a truthful evaluation, opinion, or comment, as a forceful critique, of character, content, or condition; that I feel must be stated. I fully understand that I will be subjected to criticism for stating it. Stating a criticism is much like swimming. Swimming takes focus, strength and selfconfidence, and no one can swim successfully without creating a splash.


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