Dec 20 2007

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I have not confronted the issue of addiction in my many articles on this site. I am not certain as to why. So many more issues or peeves seemed to be more important to me at the time. Perhaps it is also an issue I , and most everyone would rather ignore. The greatest problem with addictions is; that we do ignore them until they destroy us or someone we love.

Without getting too personal, I will admit I have had my demons and still do. In my early 20’s I felt the need to confront myself with the fact; that I was drinking too much , and had an affinity for other exotic vices. I was forced by my own conscience to deal with my life sober. The presense of alcohol and drugs was a very common and prevasive part of the social life in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Unfortunately for many of my peers and their children, these vices are still an integrated part of their social behavior. As all generations try to out do the vices and veracity of the prior generations, the newer generations have taken their vices to extremes. We are now experiencing the horrid effects of an addicted society. America as well as most of Europe have become addicted societies. The drug of choice by most addicts today is still heroin, and it’s use amongst teenagers is increasing. Cocaine , crack, methanphetamine, and a pharmacy shelf of prescription, and designer drugs are all close seconds. This may be part of the grand scheme of the Illuminati and globalist conspirators to conquer the minds, and irradicate the souls of the masses, so human beings can be easily manipulated and enslaved. I could go into a well researched diatribe on that subject , but I prefer to concentrate on the destructive aspects of addiction on the individual, and others; who are most immediately affected by an individual’s addiction.

Recently I had an incident that I was inadvertently involved with, regarding an addict. His drug addiction has cost him his entire life up until now. He has spent the last 20 years of his young life in and out of prison. He was recently released and admitted himself into a drug rehab facility. It appeared his commitment to sobriety was real this time, but I could detect he was not completely dedicated to accomplishing the test of will ; that is crucially needed to overcome hard addictions.

For the sake of significance , I suppose I accepted his pledge to receive help. I was however, very skeptical, knowing him as I did, and knowing the havoc he caused in his own life, and the lives of those around him. I wanted to believe him; as did everyone who wished him well, but early on in his rehab, his lies, arrogance, and outright , stupidity began to suface. These character traits caused all of his problems to begin with, and led him to serious drug and alcohol addiction, and utlitmately to prison.

It is highly commendable, and the first step towards healing; when an addict admits to himself, and others, that he needs help to overcome his addictions. First he must face the fact that he is addicted. Second he must do something about it to break the addiction. I am trying to bring this issue to the forefront of serious public consideration and debate, without sounding like an AA counsellor or fundamentalist preacher . Addiction is a cancer in every relationship, and in every life.

Drinking and Drugs Kill People. Drinking and Drugs play no favorites; they affect the guilty as well as the innocent. 80 percent of fatal car crashes are caused by drunk drivers. The majority of those who are killed are innocent, and sober. The drunk is the one who most often survives crashes. Has anyone ever heard of the saying ? “God loves drunks and babies.”

So don’t drink and drive this Holiday Season. Try not to drink at all if you have to drive . If the relatives really start getting on your nerves just go outside for a smoke(if you smoke) or kick your in law’s car , or shut up your “successful” son in law with a sudden outburst of song, or say, “I hear the dog barking”, or “I have to check the oven.” Humor, or polite indifference, is far more effective, and less harmful than a drunken argument, insult ,or brawl. Confronting my own addictions is a life time task. At this moment I am fighting the urge to smoke a cigarette. I am trying to keep my pledge of not smoking in the house.


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