Dec 17 2007

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Joe “The Mole ” Lieberman endorsed John McCain the “Manchurian Candidate” for the Iowa Republican Caucus. Does this make any sense? Being a Joe “The Mole” disliker from Connecticut , I’ve seen Joe Lieberman from a unique perspective. He won his 2006 election with 70 percent of the Republican vote in Connecticut, and 35 percent of the Democratic vote. He lost in the state Democratic Primary to Ned Lamont, (who no one has heard from since.) Joe Lieberman is a “Democrat,Independent , Republican.” If there was ever a fence sitting politician , Joe “The Mole” is it. The only other politician with equal status as a fence sitter is none other than John ” The Manchurian Candidate” McCain.

One has to wonder if anyone in Iowa reads the De Moine Register, or if anyone in New Hampshire reads the Union Leader. These have to be the most ridiculous newspapers in print today. Their editorial staffs have got to be 100 years old, or older; to think anyone pays attention to newspaper, political, endorsements anymore. If I see a local or statewide Connecticut newspaper endorsing a candidate for any office, I vote for anyone else on the ballot; other than the candidate the paper endorses. (Several Connecticut papers endorsed Lieberman.) I have always been amazed at the arrogance of these paper pushers. Everyone knows most newspapers are losing milllions of dollars a year . They have become as irrellevant as yesterday’s news. That is because they print nothing worth reading; that wasn’t first published on the internet a few days earlier, or as much as a week, or a month earlier. Newspapers are notorius for stealing blogger’s articles, as well as making up the news they print. (Jason Blair, etc,etc.) No newspapers founded in the 18th,19th or 20th Centuries, with “current”national reputations, have any real integrity, or credibility in the 21st Century; neither do any of the 19th and 20th Century politicians they are currently endorsing. These papers and politicians have been bought out and sold out dozens of times, over the many years, and have been reduced to corporate mouthpieces, licking up to their biggest corporate sponsors and advertizers.

Anyone who is considering supporting John McCain,because of a newspaper endorsement, or Joe Lieberman endorsement isn’t living in the 21st Century. McCain , Lieberman supporters have had their head’s buried in the sands of time for the last 50 years. Sorry folks, if you gave money to either Joe’s or John’s campaigns. Face facts, Joe “The Mole” Lieberman, and John ” The Manchurian Candidate” McCain, are political wrestlers in a tag team duo, in a fake, political wrestling match. American voters must be suspicious of any newspaper; that endorses any candidate for any office. These newpapers are simply printers paid by promoters, to produce promotional handouts, and posters, for the latest political wrestling match.


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