Apr 21 2019

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“Collusion” is not a legal word used in any prosecution.  Upon concluding the Mueller Report, there is no doubt in my mind or the minds of millions that Trump Obstructed Justice in trying to crush Mueller’s investigation and trying to hide his conspiratorial attempts at contacting Putin and his emissaries. The Russians were highly successful in interfering in the 2016 presidential and Congressional elections. Trump is a Russian Asset and will continue to be as long as he is protected by Barr and the Republican-held Senate and weakling Democrats committed to covering up all their crimes against the American people.

Anyone foolish enough to believe the lies and “bullshit” coming from Trump and his sycophants in his administration, the Senate, House, and Media will never believe anything Democratic Committee Chairmen have to say regarding Trump’s guilt. Unless there are publicly televised Congressional hearings of the Judiciary and Intelligence committees questioning Robert Mueller, Bill Barr, Rod Rosenstein and other important witnesses mentioned in the Mueller Report, a complete abortion of justice will occur and the American people will be completely disserved and deceived by their elected government officials.

If Trump is still standing during the 2020 elections this country will become the sinkhole of democracy. Americans will have either accepted the end of their country and constitutional government by their cynicism and disgust, or they will elect a new government and president that promises to arrest Trump and his cohorts and impeach all of his justices appointed to the courts as well as indict each and every one of his aids and cabinet members for corruption and conspiracy, annul all Trump’s executive orders and Republican passed bills, and punish Russia with severe sanctions.

The Mueller Report is a perfect “Road Map” for Congress to impeach Trump, and a screaming warning to the American people of the severe danger Russian influence played on their election process. Anyone in the Democrat and Republican parties unless they are completely stupid, or complicit in treason with Trump and the Russians will insist on making public all of the redacted information in the Mueller Report and pursue the impeachment of Bill Barr for Obstruction of Justice by misleading the public of the true charges of conspiracy and obstruction by the Trump administration.

Happy Easter everyone, may this day bring the resurrection of American Justice and Democracy with the rising of the soul of America.


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