Apr 09 2019

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“White Nationalist” Stephen Miller is the master moron influencing Trump’s insanity over immigration. The mindboggling moron is a Jewish, White Nationalist, racist sociopath.  Trump who was at the edge of insanity in 2016 found a friend in Stephen Miller who would pet his head and stroke his private parts while explaining Neo-Nazism, the Muslim Ban and banning immigration from the So. Border. He told Trump he would write all of his speeches so he wouldn’t have to struggle too hard deciding what he should say. It is remarkable how this pathetic political hack could so easily manipulate Trump’s hatred and racism, to the extent of inciting a White Nationalist Nazi massacre of an American Jewish Synagogue by Trump’s ignorant hate-filled dog whistle speeches and Twitter ramblings.

The recent Department of Homeland Security personnel massacre of Secretary Kristjen Nelson and Secret Service Chief Randolf Alice, as well as several more to be fired by the end of this week, is the master moron Miller’s plan.  If I were working for the DHS I would resign immediately regardless of what rank I was, before Trump and Miller decide to break all national and international immigration laws as German bureaucrats were ordered to do by Adolph Hilter which led to the Holocaust.

Nothing makes sense about Trump’s insane presidency other than the understanding that Miller is Trump’s mind and Trump’s mind is vacuous. Many psychiatrists have written Opeds and actual medical reports diagnosing Trump’s mental state as extreme Narcissism and psychopathic based upon his compulsive need to “lie and cheat” as his former personal attorney and “fixer” Michael Cohen testified to last month to the Congressional Oversite Committee.

The most frightening thing about Miller’s influence and the other sycophants and political hacks that surround Trump is that every one of them who have managed to keep their jobs has licked Trump’s boots or worse. Two of the most manipulative liars and closest Trump aides besides Miller are Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Sanders. Miller doesn’t do many public interviews because the last few that he did were so poor it cost him all respect in the media. He appeared as a moronic automaton, repeating his defense of Trump as a “stable genius”.Hitler could never have become Dictator of Germany unless he had many aides like Miller and members of government cooperating with him and encouraging him by their racist, fascist hatred, against the Jews and other non-Arian races and allowed Hilter to end all immigration into Germany and war with all of Europe.  Trump is trying to conquer Venezuela and destroy the remainder of South American countries under the influences of Miller and the remainder of G.W.Bush’s racist Neocons and crazed war hungry Republicans in the Senate and White House doing the bidding of Boeing, General Electric and other weapons of war manufacturers and foreign countries who pay for their campaigns and corrupt influence in the government.



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