Apr 07 2019

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Emperor Trump thinks he is above the law, he is a tyrant and misanthropic, soulless reincarnation of Adolf Hiter.   A madman in every way. What kind of crazed idiot would want to work for Trump unless they are all Stephen Miller, Sarah Sanders type sycophants? It appears over the last few years of Trump’s presidency Miller is one of the few original administration aides or cabinet members Trump hasn’t fired or who hasn’t quit.

Trump has to be stopped now, and not two years from now. One more year of Trump’s noxious lies and arrogant insanity will completely destroy this country. The overweight arrogance of Trump and Pompeo and pimple on the ass of progress Pence will lead us to war with Venezuela. Maduro should arrest his U.S backed opponent and bring in Russian and Chinese troops and aide to help bring order and protect the country from a U.S and European invasion, to steal the remaining wealth and seize the Venezuelan oil reserves.

Trump has said today that no one will see his tax returns. He has also stated that no one will see the Mueller Report.  He has turned the Presidency into his complete autocratic dynasty. “Emperor Trump” he will demand to be called.  I believe that no one in the House and Senate, military or law enforcement will stop Trump from ruining the country. I believe that Russia owns the presidency and the Senate. I believe that unless Trump and his cronies are broken and crushed Trump will proclaim himself Emperor and all of his criminal idiots now in his administration will have lifetime appointments and within another year or two Trump will appoint many more judges in the district and supreme courts who will continually rule in his favor and become America’s first fascist emperor.




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