Apr 11 2019

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilham Omar stand before their armies of angry men and women who believe in them as their hope for the future of America. Their brilliance and courage inspire all Americans who believe in the truths they have the courage of speaking. Speaking truth to power is what their followers demand of their leaders, regardless of who they must speak against. Trump and Republicans have no integrity and lie and deceive all Americans and steal from our Treasury.  Alexandria and Ilham have called them out as thieves and traitors and they are threatening them and humiliating them because their enemies fear the truth.

I am a hard fighting, long living, Liberal American and vow an oath to Alexandria and Ilham’s as a member in their citizen army, that I will do all I can to uphold their honor and safety. Millions of Americans like myself who survived our activism in the 1960s and 1970s stood up against the fascist government and protested and fought battles on streets throughout the U.S to end the draft and wars and will never allow some dimwitted moron, white supremacist, racist Trump supporter or idiotic brain dead mutant  Republican threaten, harass or humiliate these women.

I am grateful that Alexandria and Ilham are taking the threats against them seriously because as their fame grows and their power grows in Congress, their senior congressional colleagues will be eager to diminish their growing power but will fail. Alexandria and Ilham are torches of truth and compassion, and youth lighting the way for the world to see and follow into a glorious future. Their strong determination, imagination, and courage will lead America into the future for generations to come, preserving, and protecting the environment and providing shelter, food, medical care, living wages and free public education to every American. There is no other way but with the truth to speak out against Trump and his Republican minions murdering America.





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