Mar 26 2019

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disbar bill barr 2019

Once the Mueller Report is leaked to the public and the House Judiciary Committee,  Attorney General Bill Barr will be disbarred and drummed out of Washington D.C on a rail. Barr’s announcement of  Mueller’s Report Summary was his own summary edited without adequate review of the Mueller Report, which was delivered to Barr by Mueller on Friday 3/21/19 and Barr sends out his own four-page summary of the Report by Sunday afternoon on  3/23/19. No one knows except Mueller and Barr what the extent of Mueller’s report is, and how many pages it contains describing what led to 2800 subpoenas, 500 witnesses, and 37 indictments, and concluding insufficient evidence Trump and Russia colluded, however stating that Trump was not exonerated for obstruction of justice. Barr personally stated he found no evidence Trump had obstructed justice.

All the lawyers and former prosecutors who make up the House Judiciary Committee must object to Barr’s obvious dismissal of 99% of Mueller’s Report. This would be unacceptable behavior and suppression of evidence in any court in the country. The brazen criminal incompetence and hypocrisy of Bill Barr were prominently displayed by his embarrassing excuse for a summary of the Special Prosecutor’s two-year investigation into the treason and criminality of Donald Trump. Bill Barr’s is unfit to serve as the U.S Attorney General.




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