Mar 27 2019

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Can Democrats Save America Before Trump and the Republicans Destroy It?

can democrats save america 2019

So little hope remains for the American People now that Mueller and Barr betrayed us. They are pathetic, arrogant, trash bags of wind freeing the biggest bag of wind Donald Trump from charges of High Crimes and Treason. Their acting is so poor and transparent that we see through their empty souls. It is a Republican theft of the Government allowed by the hundreds of millions of vacuous, video gamers and smartphone robots, distracted and mesmerized by indifference and entertainment.

Suicide and murder rates in America are skyrocketing to the worst in history. Children as young as five are committing suicide and suicide prevention in elementary and high schools is a taught program. Children are subjected to school drills of “lockdowns”. In some school systems, teachers are armed. 287 Children were murdered in American schools in the last year alone by crazed student mass killers within their own schools.

The easy availability of assault rifles without age or background checks has created an online industry catering to all the “gun nuts” in the world. A simple law of banning assault rifles and having mandatory background checks completed on purchasers of all other firearms would cut the gun-related fatalities and mass killings by 3/4.

Healthcare and the availability of affordable medicines are critical for any country. The U.S is rated 12th of 12 developed countries for healthcare. American Healthcare is rated almost a Third World Country as to the availability and affordability of its healthcare system.

We in the U.S are facing hard times and many difficult days to come, but we can offset the calamity and destruction of those hard times by correcting what we must and change our way of thinking about the perilous nature of our environment and the perilous position we are facing with Donald Trump and Republican domination of our government. I was greatly pleased with the Democratic turnout at the elections in November. As I cast my vote for Democrats I was emotionally swept away by a fear that my vote might not even count. The Democrat representing my district won against her Republican incumbent opponent by 52 votes. l felt relieved when I heard the election result, that my vote did count. All across the country, Democrats won 41 seats in the House and Senate, replacing longtime Republican incumbents. The boldness and courage of Democratic committee members and chairmen like Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, Elijah Cummings, and Maxine Waters have inspired millions of Americans who are demanding open hearings of the Mueller Report and direct questioning of Mueller and Barr. Once they and their other Democrat committee members tear apart the findings of the Report and question those who wrote it Trump will be facing impeachment before the end of this year.

Cheer up fellow Americans the day of Trump and Republican reckoning is about to arrive soon, and they will all be evicted from the Congress, Senate, and White House.


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