Mar 25 2019

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bill barr picture

Trump’s third Attorney General Bill Barr is another Trump lackey. He was apparently hired by Trump to shine his shoes and wipe up his legal messes and dismiss the Mueller Report, Trump also gave Barr’s son and daughter a job in his administration.  Barr’s brief four-page summary of Mueller’s Report disclosed to the media and public on Sunday was a complete whitewash of the Mueller Report. The Mueller Report summary seemed to  clear Trump of collusion with Russia in the 2016 presidential campaign but did not exonerate Trump for Obstruction of Justice and allowed Barr to cover up almost everything of significance in evidence and witness testimonies in the Mueller Report. After the public disclosures of 39 indictments made by the Mueller investigators, and the overwhelming obvious involvement of Russian influences and contacts with the Trump campaign, how can Barr’s summary possibly be a credible and believable outcome? All the evidence and indictments against Russian hackers and Rodger Stone receiving 30,000 DNC emails from Juliane Assange and Wikileaks and the Russian money influences of Trump and the Moscow Trump Tower being planned during and after Trump’s election are all publicly known collusions with the Russian government.

Nothing Trump has done or appointed his lackeys to do pass the smell test of treason. Each individual Trump has appointed has been unqualified for their positions, yet the complicit majority of Republicans in the Senate have approved them all. The American People must commit to ending the Trump presidency and the Republican stranglehold on the Senate. If we do not act now and demand Congress examines the entire Mueller Report and subpoena Barr and Mueller to testify before the House and Senate committees, and demand Congress and Senate must promise their hearings and findings are made public we are doomed as a nation and society. Unless these hearings happen immediately then we are allowing the corruption of our elected officials to continue to destroy our country. Since the release of Barr’s Bullshit summary of the Mueller Report, hundreds of millions of Americans are discouraged and demoralized because once again they have been denied receiving Justice under the Trump presidency and currently corrupt Congress and Senate.


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