Mar 24 2019

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I should have trusted my instincts when I learned Robert Mueller was unanimously nominated as Special Prosecutor of the Trump Investigation. No one who lived during the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center could ever trust Mueller again, not to whitewash the Trump investigation as he did his investigation of 9/11 and collaborated with the 911 Commission which ignored the glaring evidence that should have indicted G.W.Bush and his entire Cabinet for treason, who were all later indicted as war criminals by two international courts.

Mueller did his job as a Marine to follow orders and murder the truth. He knew that his purpose for hire was to clear Donald Trump of collusion with Russia and Obstruction of Justice. How he can live with his decision announced by the Attorney General today, is beyond all conscience knowing his decision is a historic government coverup. This is a crime committed against the American People and a total waste of 3 years and the theft of millions of taxpayers dollars. Mueller is a traitor of Justice.¬† Mueller should be tried by the House Judiciary Committee and all Americans because he is now and will forever be known as America’s #1 Traitor and Donald Trump as #2.

No commentary by any news anchor, reporter or contributor to any news organization can remedy Mueller’s great betrayal of the American People. The Mueller Report will cause the great political divide to split the country into bitter halves, and possibly civil war. This is exactly what Putin and all our enemies hope for.

The need for the Impeachment of Donald Trump should be apparent to everyone and the treason of Robert Mueller for clearing Trump is painfully obvious. So America I leave you with your only choice and remedy and that is Toke up, sit back and try to make sense of what happened today.


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