Mar 15 2019

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ILHAN OMAR SAYS: “I Know what hate feels like”(video)

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Ilhan Omar is one of the great rising young stars of Congress. Watching this speech of hers following Amy Goodman’s introduction will give you a unique look and listen to one of the great women and political voices of the 21st Century.

This video is titled “I know what hate feels like. ”  The quote was taken from Ilhan Omar’s speech as she described the hate directed towards her and Muslims by people in Congress and in the country. She boldly speaks out for the dignity of all races and religions, and no American or American government should be influenced and obligated to another country the way the U.S is so influenced and Congress so heavily lobbied by Israel. Israel hides its racism and genocide of the Palestinian people behind their mockery of claiming Anti Semitism. The true Semites are the Palestinians, 99% of all Israelis are from European descent. These are the Racist Zionist Occupiers of Palestine.

Orthodox Jews in America and around the world are against Israel, and its Right-wing government murdering Palestinians daily under their mask of the Jewish Faith. Many Jews and Jewish organizations from around the country and the world have come to defend and praise Ilhan Omar for her courage to speak against the U.S and Israelis genocide of the Palestinian people, and White American violent hatred of Muslim and Black Americans.




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