Mar 14 2019

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Newt “The Toot” Gingrich Calls Alexandria Ocasio Cortez “A Joke”.

NEWT THE TOOT 2019Newt “the toot” Gingrich has a unique political history and career. Few if any people in politics have gotten as far as he has by Impeaching a Democratic president for getting a blow job from his White House intern. Newt the toot now spends his days promoting Trump and exploiting his own stupidity on radio and television. His repugnant insults hurled at AOC in light of her overwhelming fame and political following has caused all the Republicans and Trump followers to be very angry and threatened by AOC and are trying in any way possible to discredit her. They must attack her and her Congressional Friends because they stand for everything Fox News’s Phony Friends don’t. Fox News and all their imbecilic, racist contributors and hosts are obsessed with Trump and Republican Love. They can never get over the fact that AOC has millions of liberal followers who agree with her and admire her for her courage, remarkable intelligence, youth, achievement, beauty and her brilliant comebacks and insults to her “conservative attackers.”

If we look at Newt the Toot’s background, we find that he is as dumb and corrupt as he sounds and as stupid as he looks. Standing up as a broadcaster for Trump and all Republican stooges in the House and Senate isn’t doing anyone any good. For all who never heard of “Newt the Toot” consider yourself lucky. Newt the toot was Speaker of the House during Clinton’s presidency and impeachment, he is also infamous for telling his second wife in her hospital room as she was dying of breast cancer that he was leaving her for his now third wife. This is the kind of incredulous creep Newt “the Toot” Gingrich really is. Only Trump surpasses Newt the Toot’s hypocrisy and vanity. Early in Trump’s presidency, Newt asked Trump for his wife to be appointed as the Ambassador to the Vatican of which she is now serving, as the devout hypocritical Catholic and Newt the Toot’s third wife.








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