Mar 13 2019

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi aborted Trump’s Impeachment on Monday. She couldn’t wait for the grim reaper Robert Mueller and his investigation findings, instead just as she did with G.W Bush, an internationally  indicted war criminal in 2006 she gave him a pass and said: “impeachment was off the table.” Nancy Pelosi is without a doubt the biggest Republican pushover ever to serve as a Democratic Speaker of the House. Her reluctance to impeach a proven criminal and treasonous Republican President is a major sign of how sold out she really is. Her mealy mouth moderation is an insult to every angry American who knows Trump and his Republican followers in the House and Senate are criminals, liars, and thieves, covering up their own crimes by staying loyal to Trump in all his insanity. Typical of all Hitlerites and fascist fools Trump supporters in the House and Senate have ignored the people they were elected to fairly serve. Instead, they support the worst ideologies and fascist, violent, greedy and petty people in their constituencies that hold all racist, misogynistic and moronic ideas  embedded in Trump’s message of America First and MAGA

Pelosi has given Trump a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card and all her dodding Democrats are accepting her abortion of American Constitutional Justice and the continued devastation of the country by Trump and the Senatorial Republican cynics, who have pledged alliegence to money laundered Russian Rubles and American “Benjamins” rather than the honest service and Constitutional Oath they pledged to uphold. The Democrats and the American people will regret taking the pressure off Trump and his gang of thieves in the House and Senate. When and if Mueller releases his investigation findings, he will either “release the Kraken” of the American peoples’ anger and frustration at the Criminal Trump, his family, and cohorts or Mueller will lie to everyone and coverup Trump’s criminality and collusion with Russia, just as he hid the true findings of the 911 Investigation and treason of G.W.Bush, when Mueller was the Director of the FBI under “international war criminal” G.W.Bush.

The system is rigged. America’s new ” progressive liberal” champions in the House of Representatives must be greatly disappointed by Pelosi giving Trump and his criminal Republicans in the House and Senate a ‘Get out of jail free” card. I hope Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and all the other Freshmen, Progressive Congresswomen don’t sit back and accept Pelosi’s abortion of Trump’s impeachment proceedings and allow her miscarriage of justice.



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