Jun 24 2018

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jared kushner as dog shits on palestinians 2018

Jared Kushner is nothing but Trump’s wagging tail dog. His so-called peace agreement with Israel is completely without  Palestinian agreement. Palestine refused to meet with him because he did not include anything regarding GAZA or encroaching Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Kushner like his father-in-law is an idiot, a thief, and a rabid Zionist.  Any agreement he makes with Israel will not include Palestine. It is a complete farce just as Kushner is. Why he is in Israel as a peace negotiator with no experience in peace negotiations is beyond any common sense. I believe he and Ivanka will need a safe haven once Trump is impeached and indicted and his entire family is indicted for high crimes.

On this Sunday I hope and pray that all real and compassionate people everywhere pray to God to help the Palestinians and the world by ridding it of criminals and morons like Kushner and Trump and all remnants of the Trump administration and the genocidal Israelis.  I condemn before God, any hypocritical evangelical, satanist, church that heralds genocide of the Palestinians by Israel and Trump and his wagging tail dog Jared Kushner.

L.A. Steel


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