Jun 25 2018

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trump's america 2017

From all I have observed recently regarding the overwhelming hatred spewed from the Right and Left and the flagrant bigotry and mindless madness against “liberals,” I don’t think any more will be accomplished with speeches and election promises. I believe our country has gone far beyond any reconciliation with the Right and Left and the policies being proposed by the Right are destroying this country.  It isn’t just the immigration issues and separation of children, it is the entire mindset of the reactionary right that believes in a scorched earth policy of destroying anything good this country has to offer its people. Republicans and the far right are neo-nazis, they are white supremacists, they are insanely bigoted and carry guns. They have no compassion for their own families or friends who may be in need. They want a complete genocide of all non-white races and a slash and burn of all social safety nets and environmental safeguards, as they fight off their own demons of opioid and amphetamine addictions.

These minions of mindless hatred are all stoked up by Donald Trump. Trump is the king of all hate, the master of mindless, moronic stupidity and hatred for everyone in the world that isn’t white, rich or Jewish. Trump is white and rich and the only person in the world he loves. Why are so many poor whites and sold out immigrants and minorities gravitating to Trump because of his cruelty, meanness, and stupidity? One has to ask if they are the same way.    How can anyone who is an immigrant or whose parents are immigrants feel any affection or loyalty to a President who calls them all “animals, rapists and disease-ridden”? How can anyone who lies daily about everything he does privately and publicly be trusted by his followers, who he openly laughs at and calls them all stupid?

There are already open fights between Trump supporters and nonsupporters. Alt-Right speakers Bannon’s brain dead are still stoking the flames of racism and hatred against minorities and immigrants throughout the country.   GOP candidates for Congress and Senate and local and state governments are openly racists, convicted pedophiles, homophobic, neo-nazi morons, yet they are being nominated for Republican seats. The Supreme Court has degraded the Voting Rights Act and state courts are ruling to permit gerrymandering and purging the voter registries for the  2018 elections.

The United States of America is under siege by Neanderthal Republicans and overrun by impotent Democrats. It is time for real Liberal Americans to take to the streets, arm ourselves for protection, and head to Washington D.C to take it over by revolution. All the bobble-headed congressmen and senators will be held prisoners under the capital dome until they submit to the will of the vast majority of the American people. We must prepare and be ready to march and stay for weeks and months until our mission is complete and Congress submits to our demands, or we physically throw them out of office with tar and feathers like the first American Revolutionaries did to their crooked politicians. I’m ready to revolt, but one man or woman cannot do it alone. Hundreds of Millions of Americans must be ready to march on Washington D.C, and their own town halls and state capital buildings until the true voices of Americans are heard and their demands are made throughout the country.

Liberals and moderates must be ready to defend themselves from the right-wing reactionaries wearing MAGA hats and bulletproof vests carrying clubs, baseball bats, and tiki torches. We cannot and will not be intimidated by crazy Meth soaked bikers and brain-dead, anti-liberal warriors, wearing nazi arm bands and helmets, waving the swastika banner with the American flag, and shouting obscenities and the lyrics to the national anthem. Stand up America, and stare down these fools, criminals, and fascists. Unless we all act in unison and very soon to save our country we will be overtaken by a new Hiltlarian Tyranny of Donald Trump and the new Nazi Party.



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