Mar 23 2018

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Mueller Must Pull The Trigger On Trump Or Stop Monkeying Around

mueller must pull the trigger on trump 2018

Since the firing of Rex Tillerson and H.R (Herbert Raymond) McMaster the last two sane Trump cabinet members are now gone, and Chief of Staff John Kelly will soon be kicked out of the White House, and no one in the Trump cabinet or staff will be left to curb Trump’s insanity. His insane appointment of John Bolton to McMaster’s’ position as National Security Adviser is a move that will end in world war. Where are all the #Me Too women who should be opposing this Trump nomination. Bolton was a notorious sexual harasser when he was UN Ambassador under G.W Bush, also he was known as the most belligerent SOB in the Bush Jr.  administration. Trump’s recent appointment of Fox News conspiracy commentator and former U.S atty. Joseph DiGenova as his personal lawyer after firing (or resignation) of John Dowd head of his legal defense team, is a sure sign of Trump’s tripping into Krazy land.

By now Mueller has enough on Trump to impeach the bastard 100 times over, but why does he need any more, and how much longer will he take to pull the trigger on Trump, before Trump fires him and ends the investigation. Trump is doing everything he can to get impeached and giving the finger to everyone, including firing his entire staff and half of his cabinet, before they invoked the 25th Amendment, that allows cabinet members to declare their president unfit for office and  absolutely insane. Trump has proven to the nation that he is unfit and insane and should be impeached and arrested, or at least committed to a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane. If Mueller doesn’t indict Trump very soon, it may be too late. The country and the world can not survive another week, or month, or year with Trump as president, nor can we survive a day with Mike Pence as president. Both of these crazy bastards must be evicted from office, or the United States as we know it, as a free country, will forever perish.

Americans must plead with Mueller and demand he indict Trump now, before Bolton or diGenova take their new positions, and before any talks with No.Korea. Trump’s new poorly timed tariffs against China, may cause China to back No.Korea again and disregard any U.S sanctions imposed on the country. Trump is a play toy of foreign policy, a pet to Vladimir Putin and a fool to the rest of the world. His moronic bully talk to the world and to his domestic opponents are as stupid as Joe Biden’s recent bluster about him beating up Trump. Biden is an idiot, Trump is an idiot, and anyone who thinks they aren’t idiots is an idiot.

God spare us from Trump and anymore idiots in politics !  Robert Mueller is America’s only weapon to rid the nation of Donald Trump and his nightmare host of moronic cabinet members and staff.

L.A. Steel


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