Mar 25 2018

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When I was seven years old, my crazy neighbor Donny, who was eight years old, received a BB gun for his birthday. He had to show every kid in the neighborhood his new gun and decided to test it out. I mentioned Donny was crazy, or all of us who knew him thought he was crazy. He liked to insult kids and bully them. One day as he was walking down the sidewalk with his new gun, he shot at a few squirrels and a pet dog leashed in a yard. He thought he was having a great time, until I yelled at him for shooting my neighbor’s dog. Crazy Donny laughed at me and said , “He’s just a dumb dog who barks at me all the time.” I told him he barked at him because he would tease it and throw rocks at it. He laughed and said ” Yeah, but now I can shoot him with a BB, see how he shut up .” The dog had been hit in the leg and was whining in pain. ”  I told Crazy Donny to put the gun away before he killed someone with it. He laughed and said, ” Maybe I’ll shoot you, unless you shut up and go home.”

I looked at the dead squirrel he shot that fell out a tree , and the dog who was licking his wound, and said “You’re crazy Donny, I’m going to tell my parents how crazy you are, and they will call the cops on you and take that gun away from you !”  I was one of the few kids to stand up to Crazy Donny, when he tried to bully me and I thought he would back down and go home, but instead he aimed the gun at my leg and shot  me in the foot. I was wearing sneakers and the BB hit my toe. Then Crazy Donny laughed and said “Shut up or I’ll shoot you again.”  I remember the shock and pain brought me to tears, until I screamed at him, and said,” YOU ARE CRAZY!!!!” He laughed at me until he realized I was limping home to tell my parents.  He turned and ran away . When I got home I told my mother what happened and she called Crazy Donny’s parents and said she was going to call the cops. She did and they came to investigate. They went to Crazy Donny’s house and took away his gun, and made his parents pay for the neighbor’s dog veterinarian bill.

Crazy Donny lost his gun that day and was forced by cops to see a psychiatrist. I nearly lost my toe, but to this day I remember what a crazy kid can do with a BB gun. Today there are too many “Crazy Donnys” in our schools, many who have access to deadly weapons and assault rifles. Mandatory background checks must become law before a gun can be bought. No gun or rifle should be owned by anyone under 21 years of age. No guns should be left in a home unlocked . Too many children are being killed accidentally or deliberately by careless or crazy kids, adults and parents. There must be stronger laws to punish parents and adults who let  kids play with loaded guns.  Everyone has the right to own a gun today, regardless of age or IQ. Too many children and adults are either suicidal or homicidal and too dangerous and dumb to own or shoot a gun. Everyone in the world knows guns are dangerous , and assault rifles and large magazine pistols are weapons of war, designed to kill people. It is time to end weapons of war owned by civilians, and children. It is time for this country and its foolish and flagrantly indifferent legislators to be thrown out of office . It is time for the NRA to be silenced and never allowed to contribute to political parties or politicians.

Those angry and frightened children and their parents, who marched in Washington D.C yesterday, and all who marched in every major city in the country are demanding an END TO GUN VIOLENCE IN SCHOOLS AND ON THEIR STREETS. If our Congress and President do not listen to them now, they will soon seriously regret it, because this movement is far greater than they are, and it may bring down this entire corrupt government . 800,000 children and parents in Washington D.C shouted “THROW THEM OUT!” and millions of Americans are shouting the same thing, in every town and city in the country.If this movement can stay alive and well until November and beyond, the cowards and crooks in Congress from both parties and the presidency will soon be thrown out of office by national mandate , and the NRA will be reduced to a neutered non profit, holding on to their assault rifles in their “Cold Dead Hands.”


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