Mar 18 2018

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Only in America can a porn star bring down a president. Most countries wouldn’t care if their president had an affair or two or three , but in the U.S where almost every president has had an affair or two before , during and after their time in office, still creates a great moral stain against the presidency.  John Kennedy had a publicly known  affair with Marilyn Monroe, who had started her modeling and film career doing porn movies and nude calendar photos, and became Playboy Magazine’s first Playmate of the Month, which catapulted her into doing featured films and creating her iconic  sexy blonde bombshell character. She inspired many actresses to begin their careers in sexy movies.

Trump owned the Miss. America and Miss Universe beauty pageants, where many actresses, network reporters and talk show hosts got their chance for national and international attention. Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin was a beauty contestant as Miss Alaska , and later became the Governor of Alaska and John McCain’s Vice Presidential choice in 2008.  Trump must of made and received hundreds of indecent proposals , as witnessed recently in the #Me Too Movement, most actresses and actors were sexually harassed by famous producers and directors for roles in their movies.   Stormy Daniels is an opportunistic business woman, who acts in, directs and produces porn movies. Trump offered her a role in his reality show “Apprentice”, and she cornered Trump by threatening to reveal their affair, then agreed to keep her secret for $130,000 payoff, one month before the 11/16 election, never thinking he could possibly win. Now she wants to give it back, so she can do a tell all book and interviews and make millions, and possibly bring down the Trump presidency, securing her permanent place in history as the ultimate Femme Fatale.

Stormy weather ahead Mr.Trump. Batten down your hatches and prepare for Stormy seas, because Stormy isn’t stopping. The $20 million dollar  frivolous law suit you filed against her last week is a joke to the public and the courts. You’re a fraud, a pervert and a prick Mr. Trump, and Stormy Daniels will be the one to prove it to the world. She says she has pictures and videos implicating Trump in sex acts with her.  I would recommend to anyone interested in seeing examples of Stormy Daniels erotic acting, to  look up Stormy Daniels Porn Videos in Google or Yahoo, and you will gain a better understanding of who she is, and why Trump wants to shut her up.



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