Feb 08 2008

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The word sex is the most provocative word in the english language. It sells everything from perfume to paint. Just as an experiment I decided to use sex in the title of this post to see how many mentions it gets on the browsers. If anyone wants to attract attention to anything they want to say or sell all they have to do is attach the word sex to it.

As a species we are so compelled by our sex drive, that we incorporate the word sex or similarly provocative words into everything we do. Even in manufacturing of nuts and bolts there are the female bolts and male screws or couplings . Marketing companies have known the power of sex in selling for centuries. Make a product look sexy or sound sexy or smell sexy and it sells. Don’t get me wrong I like sex as much as the next person, but I find its over use in selling things too often offensive. Why do I need a half naked woman showing me her belly button with a target painted on it to tell me to go to a certain store. Why do I need a sultry model to sell me anything ? Sex has been used to sell cars and trucks for years. A car or truck is sold by it phalic and hormonal appeal, either testosterone or Estrogen. Sex and politics would be an interesting match. Can anyone see McCain doing a centerfold in PlayGirl, or a sexual cover pose for GQ ? Obama could get away with it. Hillary could afford to sex up her act as well. She could wear more revealing blouses or a skirt or dress more often , rather than those damned pantsuits. If McCain tried to sex up his his image he would just appear more ridiculous than he already does.

Sexing up Congress or the White House might be a good strategy for the incoming president. My advice would be to keep the sex straight. No mistresses, no gay stuff, no fetishes. Bill Clinton alone evokes enough inference to perversion. Hillary could be sexy if she tried a little harder. Some subtle sexual flavoring of her campaign would help in the national polls, especially amongst white middle age men. Maybe she could wear a skirt or dress more often. I can’t remember ever seeing Hillary’s legs. Many women have stalky legs, but unless their legs are completely deformed most women’s legs look good in a dress or skirt. Hillary should spend a little more money on her clothes, and get a great designer to help her enhance her sex appeal. The hair is all right, but she needs help with her clothes. Oscar Delarenta did great things for Jackie Kennedy, I think Nancy Reagan was kept fashionable by a big designer as well. Hillary was already first lady now she needs a designer, who can make her look like Madame President. She has got to get more sexy, put on the phermone perfume to work the crowds, and cross her legs while wearing a dress, or skirt on television interviews and future debates. Sit crossed legged in a skirt, Katie Couric Style and dangle her foot in a fashionable high heel shoe. It can be done subtly without raising too much attention. Hillary still has nine months left in her campaign. We know Hillary can swing political rhetoric as well as any male politician, so she has to use a little more of her feminine charms to woo the general public. Vive la difference! She must show the world that a 60 something year old woman president doesn’t have to dress like a 60 year old female math teacher, or a 60 year old male president. Obama uses his sexuality to his advantage. He wears tailored suits, and tries to look good on camera, he looks healthy and vital, and isn’t afraid to shake hands in the crowds. It helps that he’s in his forties, and looks fit. Next to McCain he looks like a man in his prime. Hillary has got to get with it. I’m tired of seeing that same yellow jacket she wears all the time with the black lines on the lapels. Also she has got to get away from paisley. She should take a fashion tip from the movie Legally Blonde.” Nobody looks good in paisley.”

Hillary can do it. She’s an attractive woman; when she’s not being duped by media photographers, waiting for a chance to catch her in an awkward pose. The most recent awkward Hillary photo was the one where she looked snubbed by Obama during the State of the Union Speech. Most people couldn’t endure the public scrutiny and humilation Hillary has endured in the last 20 years. She’s kept herself remarkably poised these many years, and personally I think she looks pretty good. It’s time for her to take time to concentrate on her sensual self. Higher a top designer and get a fashion make over. Spend a weekend at a spa. Botox a few wrinkles, and buy a few pairs of impractical shoes. Sexing up her look a little will guarantee her winning the Presidency. No one will hold it against her for looking great.


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