Feb 08 2008

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Welcome to my Sunday. It’s an odd day for me. It’s been cloudy and snowing , or raining for the last three Sundays here in NW Connecticut. Damned February is kind of a dreary month in New England. It makes me want to go south,but there aren’t too many places in the country that are having great weather. I’ve been feeling sorry for the people in the northern border states. -14 below to -40 below zero is cold enough to make anyone depressed. I felt very bad for those poor folks who suffered through the tornados this week, and the people in Northern California who got caught in the avalanches.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what ifs. What if I was living elsewhere? What if I was a kid again? What if , what if, what if? I don’t usually think about what ifs too often , but when the weather sucks, and the world seems gray all around you what ifs aren’t such bad things to think about. I’m not going to lay anything serious on anyone today. I just thought I’d say hello. Hope your day is sunny, bright, and warm.

I have a couple of projects to try and finish today so I’ll end this post quickly, and let my readers get on with their own projects. I do appreciate your stopping by today. It was great talking to you. If you have a little more time to visit you might want to listen to one of my archived radio shows. I ‘ve got a couple hundred you can choose from on all kinds of topics. Just click on Listen Live! at the top right of this page. If your interested please check out an article in my archives at last count there were about 350 of them, maybe something might interest you. Take your time and make yourself at home. Thanks again for visiting. I always appreciate your company.


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