Feb 11 2008

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I am amazed at Obama’s incredible appeal to Democrats both young and old. I never thought someone of so little experience could pull off such a broad based victory in the primaries. I’m still not convinced of his competence, or his sincerity and with Z. Brezinski as his chief foreign and national affairs advisor I’m more reluctant to consider Barack Obama as President.

Who would have thought that Hillary would be behind in the polls and behind in the primary results ? Who would have thought McCain would be the Republican frontrunner ? Something doesn’t make sense. I have to consider the New World Order issue. No one has said a word about it in the debates or stump speeches. No one but bloggers have mentioned it at all. We are headed in that direction. There can be no doubt about it. Understanding the severe censorship and complete misinformation campaign by the media on the subject it leaves no doubt about its happening. Under a McCain or Obama presidency the fix is in. It’s a definate. Recent reports of Haliburton building massive detention centers in the U.S, and train tracks, and prison box cars with shackles may alarm a few people. Many who are reading this probably have already read the articles I am refering to. I’ve read them on my radio show many times. It is no longer an issue of maybe it will happen it is happening. These things are all real and all happening now. We must face the facts, that this government is preparing for a massive crack down on it’s people. I believe it may happen before November 2008, but that is just a hunch.

I as everyone else would like to believe the world will be fine, peace will reign, and humanity will live happily ever after. However, I am an optimist, and a day dreamer so please consider the source of this viewpoint. I believe in the individual courage and compassion of people everywhere, but I know too well most people react too late to disaster and rebell singularly. Creating a collective consiousness of mass rebellion, and national change takes great amounts of money, organization, commitment, collective intelligence, and cooperation. The odds of all of these factors to be engaged in one solidified movement, focused at the same time on a solitary movement of radical political and social change are greater than those of winning a world wide lottery. What Obama offers is only the word “Change”. What he will deliver may only be a few speeches with the word Change in them. Change of the appearance of our president, from a white Dubya to a black Obama, is about all the change we can really expect. Maybe that is enough for most Americans, who have always been resistent to real change.

As reluctant as I am to believe Hillary Clinton’s words of change , there is something she has been consistently stating that I do believe. Making any changes big or small in this government is going to take more than stating a mantra a million times. It is going to take hard work, great vision, commitment, and tremendous cooperation amongst all leaders in the Congress and in the White House. It is going to take a collective courage, and commitment unlike anything we have ever witnessed before in this country. Are we ready for this , are we ready to commit to this ourselves? Can we truly expect our elected representatives, and our president, to commit to positive and radical change to correct our broken system of government if the majority of our population are not fully committed to the same purpose and process?

Communism was the collective commitment of Eastern European and many Asian nations during the 20th century. Capitalism, and socialism are the obvious world wide collective commitments in the 21st Century. The U.S is a socialist nation today. The U.S has as many if not more social programs, than any other country in the world. It also has more world wide social and military commitments, than any other country in the world perhaps more than all of them combined. The U.S is the back bone of the world economy. Our continued well being and ability to spend money, sustains every nation’s economy. A blip in the U.S economic EKG sends violent tremors around the world, and can cause the sudden death of a country’s economy. If the U.S stopped all financial aid to Israel, Israel would collapse overnight. If we stopped aid to Iraq and pulled out our military, Iraq would completely collapse in hours. The decisions made by the existing president, and the newly elected one , whoever it may be, will effect every man, woman, and child on the planet. This world can no longer afford to have such decisions made by one individual. We have seen throughout history; that no one person is capable or trustworthy enough to have this responsiblity, yet we continue to want to believe that one person is .

I hate to admit it , but I fear my ego. I fear for the successful outcome of many judgements I must make. I strive to collect as much knowledge as I can, and as much guidence as possible before I make a major decision. Most people do. How then can we trust our collective judgement to place our trust and faith in one person to lead us, and the world into the future. We must remember one absolute fact. No one gains the leadership of the world alone. There are thousands who make it happen, create and enact the plan, and millions of people who must be convinced of their plan. The only way to convince so many people is through the mainstream media. Knowing all we know today about the censorship and corruption of the mainstream media, and the existence of a world wide conspiracy to establish a New World Order , how can any rational and intelligent human being consider anything they are told by the media to be accurate and truthful ?

Who is Barack Obama? He is a man from Chicago, who went to Harvard Law School, and entered upon the national stage in 2004. In four years he has upset the entire Democratic party to become the front runner for the Democratic Nominee for President in 2008. Who are the thousands of people behind him advising and running his campaign? No one knows enough about him , to make a sound decision regarding his character . What is his real history and experience? Millions of Americans are being led by his magical song , as the Pied Piper of Change. What price does he demand from us? What promises has he made to the power brokers and financiers, who back him and fund his campaign ? How will he rid our country of all the rats, and solves all of our problems if his backers are the biggest rats in the world,and the ones causing all our problems ? Will he lead us into the mountain crack as the” Pied Piper of Hamelin” led all the children of the village if we can not afford the price of his service, and refuse to pay him ?


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