May 26 2017

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It appears from all news reports on Donald Trump’s world wide tour de force , has created some big embarrassments for the American people. It’s like watching Godzilla in  Europe.  I have stopped looking for news on Trump’s world tour.  Everything he has said and done in the last week has been an embarrassment, starting from his Saudi Speech,  to his Wall Kissing Act, then to his strange meeting with the Pope at the Vatican, and now to Italy for the G7 Summit.  Trump’s globe tripping bounces of rudeness and stupidity have created many uncomfortable international moments during the last week.

Donald Trump is Godzilla with flaming yellow hair and a smile painted on his Joker like face.  His poor wife can’t catch a break and appears completely inept at determining what to wear for each formal occasion. Doesn’t  she have a stylist of at least an adviser ? Donald’s latest gaffe is pushing aside a Prime Minister, then jumping in front of him in the pack of leaders, to get his picture taken in the front row.  I wish someone would have hit Trump with a pie in the face. I can’t believe Donald Trump is in anyway representing me or any American by acting so rude, and stupid.  Even G.W. Bush had better manners than Trump.  Someone  said ,” There is never an excuse for rudeness.”, and “Rudeness is the weak person’s imitation of strength.”

Trump is rude, but so am I when I want to get my point across and no one is listening. Apparently based on my neutered server’s statistcs lately, I am being ravaged by censorship from Google, Governments, and Corporations, for my writing and radio shows where I shout truth to power. Sometimes I shout and yell out vulgar attacks against those I feel deserve them. I have been especially rude and shown anger against Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and The Democrat and Republican Parties.

What can I say, that my readers and listeners don’t already know about my flareups of temper, anger and language I display, live on air or in words on this website, at everyone and thing that is trying to kill or injure humanity. I hate all the lies spoken to us from the lunatics we elect into public office. Sometimes there are moments in life, when the need to be rude occurs, for instance if someone has a sudden need to use the toilet, or someone is being attacked physically or verbally by someone else, or  avoiding someone or something you dislike by coldly ignoring them.  Trump does all the above, either because he has a urinary or bowel infection, or he is avoiding those he dislikes, or he’s just stupid and doesn’t care and is unaware of his rudeness. I’m beginning to believe it is all of the above.

The world will not have to suffer from Trump’s rudeness much longer, he will be returning home soon to face his investigation by a Special Prosecutor, and his son  in law is also being investigated.  Steve Bannon and Kelly Anne Conway , Sean Spicer and other staff members will soon be receiving pink slips from Trump, or they will be eagerly handing in their resignations, before the U.S.S Trump sinks.

L.A. Steel



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